BLACKPINK: Jennie receives support from K-Pop fans, DJ after critics cut her statement

BLACKPINK: Jennie receives support from K-Pop fans, DJ after critics cut her statement

BLACKPINK member Jennie received intense backlash for a misleading statement, but K-Pop fans came at her defense.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie found herself at the center of a controversy when netizens slammed her for allegedly bragging about the K-Pop group’s success. The backlash came after an interview when Jenni mentioned “opening the door for other artists.”

BLACKPINK Jennie slammed online

BLACKPINK member Jennie was quoted saying, “we wish to be the group who opens up the doors for other artist to spread their music, bc music is not just for your own country.” The statement irked several netizens who have been following other K-Pop groups who made it in the world stage before BLACKPINK.

“What doors have you paved again lol? Respect your sunbaes bro. First girl group, yes go off. You deserve that. But you’re not the first group lmaoooo,” one wrote as shown in this screenshot.

Another commented that it was BTS who paved the way for the K-Pop groups to make it into the world stage. A different user said she was disappointed with Jennie’s statement because she didn’t acknowledge the other groups who “opened the doors for other artists.”

The same netizen suggested Jennie should have said “girl group,” and it would have been understandable. However, acting like a very influential Korean group and saying they are opening doors that doesn’t exist as it has been opened by another is a “very low blow,” nicolebayu wrote.

Netizens misunderstood Jennie’s statement

Several BLACKPINK fans came at Jennie’s defense saying that she wasn’t speaking for all Korean group. Instead, BLACKPINK was paving their own way.

Meanwhile, one shared the video of the actual interview and it turned out that Jennie’s statement was cut and misunderstood. The BLACKPINK member didn’t mean to say that they opened the doors for other K-Pop artists.

“We have other artists that’s been going overseas and doing what we are doing now. So, I guess […] we grew up watching them. We wish to be the group that opens up the doors for more other artists […] spread their music,” she said.

Apparently, Jennie is not claiming anything and the negative reaction against the artist sprung from misunderstanding for cutting her statement.

Radio DJ defended Jennie

The radio DJ who interviewed the girls also defended the BLACKPINK member. According to KimmyB, she asked the question with the intention of giving props to the massive success of KPop movements.

For her, Jennie and the other girls never disrespected any other K-Pop bands. Instead, they wished to be the same as those people or groups they grew up watching.

The DJ also reminded fans that there’s always new doors to be opened and barriers to be broken. To wrap up her statement, she said, BLACKPINK making their own mark doesn’t detract what BTS has already accomplished.

“Let’s spread love and Positivity!!!” KimmyB wrote.


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