BLACKPINK member Lisa dating BTS’ Jungkook?

BLACKPINK member Lisa dating BTS' Jungkook? The Truth Revealed

Lisa acts as the main rapper of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK continues to hit the headlines in recent weeks following the release of their first studio album, The Album. As the reports about their success remain apparent, one of the members, Lisa, is also hitting the headlines for her possible romantic links with a BTS member.

Alongside the all-female K-pop group, BTS has also become the talk of the town these past few months. With their latest album, Map of the Soul: 7, and their hit single, “Dynamite,” they have since caught the attention of many people across the globe.

It makes total sense why many fans and followers continue to ship some members of the group. But among all, Lisa and Jungkook’s rumored romantic relationship is the one that many talked about, according to Film Daily.

Are Lisa and Jungkook dating?

Fans of both BLACKPINK and BTS, who have since received the name BLINKS and ARMY, respectively, have already seen Lisa and Jungkook together a few times. With their chemistry on-screen, many individuals wonder whether they share a “secret romance.”

Unfortunately for the avid shippers, Lisa and Jungkook are not dating. They are not in a romantic relationship, and they do not even discuss whether they are friends.

The publication noted that the girl group’s label, YG Entertainment, also has a “dating ban” on its talents, which include all members of BLACKPINK. Accordingly, the main rapper of the quartet is not allowed to date the youngest member of BTS and any other personalities.

Netizens do not think they are dating

Several netizens, later on, chimed in with the talks about the dating rumors. In an online forum, Quora, some fans and supporters shared their views on the matter.

The most “upvoted” response explains that fans always tend to ship members of BTS with other female K-pop artists. But whether they are dating or not in real life, no one truly knows unless they make an official statement. Some Quora users, however, pointed out that it is unlikely for these celebrities to publicize their private relationships.

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Will BLACKPINK and BTS collaborate?

Alongside the dating rumors between the two South Korean acts, fans and followers are also pursuing to make a collaboration happen. It is not surprising why the public is eager to see a joint project between BLACKPINK and BTS.

Considering their fame and huge fanbase, their fans would certainly love the idea of them making music together. Not to mention, there are no policies restricting both K-pop groups to collaborate.

However, reports believe that it is unlikely for BLACKPINK and BTS to do a joint music project. Many people reportedly agreed that this would not be the best move for both YG Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment.

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