BLACKPINK makes history with ‘How You Like That’ choreography video

The dance performance video of BLACKPINK’s How You Like That has hit 500 million views on YouTube.

Achieving a vast number of views for a choreography video on YouTube is not easy, but How You Like That by BLACKPINK soared high and reached an unmatched milestone.

With these numbers, the quartet becomes the first group to achieve the feat on a Kpop choreography video.

As announced by YG Entertainment, at precisely 7:05 a.m. KST on January 6th, BLACKPINK’s How You Like That performance video surpassed 500 million views on YouTube. And since its first release on July 6th of last year, this is the 183rd day of the video.

What’s more mesmerizing is that BLACKPINK is now the first group to have achieved 500 million views on a K-Pop choreography video.

The groovy track of BLACKPINK

It is indeed true that BLACKPINK has no rivals virtually. The magnificent four achieving hundreds of millions of views with its video is something that only BLACKPINK prides on.

The other famous dance videos of BLACKPINK, DDU-DU DDU-DU, and Kill This Love, also reached 300 million-view-marks.

However, last year’s release of the group, How You Like That, has received an unstoppable amount of love. The song even exceeded previous records.

It can be recorded that in just 15 days and 21 hours after its release, the dance video already reached 100 million views.

In 45 days and 4 hours- 200 million views, 76 days and 20 hours- 300 million views, and in 120 days and 10 hours- 400 million views.

The 500 million views record of the video only shows that group’s unstoppable popularity.

The unmatched virtual achievements of BLACKPINK

The position of BLACKPINK on YouTube is also improving day by day. In sum, the superstars now have 25 videos with hundreds of millions of views.

Meanwhile, the quartet’s YouTube channel holds the world’s second-largest artist channel, with more than 55.3 million subscribers in its belt.


Image courtesy of globeph/YouTube Screenshot

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