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BLACKPINK played games with cast of ‘Running Man’


On the October 18 episode of SBS’s Running Man, BLACKPINK participated as the variety show’s guests.

The cast members of Running Man cheered BLACKPINK when it appeared and danced to its new title track, Lovesick Girls.

Jun So Min, the last week’s receiver of punishment, became the “fifth member” of BLACKPINK and joined them in the dance.

The truth game with BLACKPINK

One of the games they played together with BLACKPINK members was the “truth game.” The members will be wears cat ears and moved when the wearer changed emotions.

Rose asked Jun So Min if she thought she could take one of the members during the opening dance rehearsal. Jun So Min then denied it, but her ears moved. Another question asked her if she liked Yang Se Chan. Despite her denial, her ears moved again.

Ramyun date

Yang Se Chan asked Jun So Min if he can eat ramyun at her house. Rose got the last word by asking Yang Se Chan if he wanted to go to her house and eat ramyun, as it is associated with spending the night there.

Jennie tagged Lisa as the one who had the messiest room without hesitation. Jennie’s ear kept moving when she was asked if she thought she was the prettiest BLACKPINK member. She answered, yes. However, her ears kept moving, regardless of the question.

Lee Kwang Soo is confused about what does she keep thinking. Jennie threw him off with a reply, “you.”

The prettiest unnie

When Jennie’s turn came to ask questions, she asked that if Lee Sun Bin unnie is doing well. She also asked who is prettier, Lee Sun Bin unnie, or Jisoo unnie. Lee Kwang Soo answered that Rose is the most stunning member of BLACKPINK.

Jennie got teased when her ears moved. However, Jennie ended with a question for Lee Kwang Soo. She asked him if he rewatched the video when she made a poem for him in their previous Running Man guesting.

Image courtesy of BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

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