BLACKPINK: ‘The Album’ took the social world by storm

The world-dominating music act, BLACKPINK, just released its debut studio album! ‘The Album’ garnered social attention, and the world is here to see it happen!

Get ready to embrace a New Era of Pop!

The quartet group, BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment, South Korea, is slowly becoming everyone’s top pick.

This affirmation was brought back earlier this summer when their collaboration with American Pop-Idol Selena Gomez left everyone pumping to the summer beat.

A trendy and catchy single, Ice-Cream, not only left their fans fanning themselves but is also bound to make a permanent mark on the commercial and music industry.


The big release of ‘The Album’

Now, as the girls are back with their first full-length debut album featuring hits like Ice Cream and How You Like That, the Twitter went into a frenzy!

The eight-track release shot to the top of iTunes last night with the support of the group’s sprawling fanbase. Even other music enthusiasts celebrated the comebacks of quartet band members: Rosé, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo.

The reception of the Teasers

By gifting fans with a teaser, the quartet gave their first sneak peek of the upcoming Album, a week before it’s release. The new record, ‘The Album,’ is their first full-length studio album in their native language, Korean.

After the debut in 2015, the group released mini-albums. Even their solo acts garnered much love and praise from not just their home country but the world as well!

‘The Album’ and its Purpose

The band spoke on quarantine and worldwide pandemic, in an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.

“I think it’s made us more focused on completing the album and making it most probably is the best thing that we can give to our fans,” says one of the Blackpink member.

About the purpose behind their Album, Rosé expresses herself by saying, “I feel like this Album can give a lot of light and energy to everybody who is stuck at home. We are hopeful that this can cheer them up.”

‘BLACKPINK in your area!’

But that’s not all; earlier this year, the quartet released their much anticipated single. How you Like That represented a grandeur set and power-packed performance.

It went ahead and broke digital premiering records on platforms like YouTube. The single won the “Summer Song of the Year” at the 2020 MTV Awards.

This marks their first-ever win on MTV Awards and makes them the First Asian Act to win this category. Other nominations for the classes included chart-toppers such as Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar and Cardi B’s WAP.

Image courtesy of mskimitta/Shutterstock

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