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BLACKPINK top beauty, skincare hacks to steal in 2020


Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie of BLACKPINK reportedly share their skincare hacks and tips for radiant, glowing skin.

Earlier this year, all members of BLACKPINK made it to the TCCAsia’s 2019 list of “Most Beauty Faces in Asia,” according to Metro. As reported, Lisa and Jennie were in the first and third spots, respectively, while Rosé and Jisoo were sitting pretty at numbers 13 and 22.

These are some of their best tips and hacks.

Rosé on proper cleansing and sticking to products

One of BLACKPINK’s lead vocals, Rosé, her best beauty, and skincare tip, largely revolves around product usage. Unlike her groupmates, she always reportedly “sticks” to the products that “complement” her skin well.

Although experimenting on different skincare products may work for some, the 23-year-old K-pop star reportedly chooses the ones that she knows well. These include particularly the ingredients that will work best for her skin.

Aside from sticking to the products, proper cleansing is always a must for Rosé. Even after a long and tiring day, she would reportedly get up and cleanse her face from all the dirt and make-up of the day.

Jisoo on facial masks and lip exfoliation

Jisoo reportedly revealed that she has very “dry skin.” But, she combats this with the use of facial masks, as per Daily Vanity.

As noted, her secret is to use masks twice or thrice a day. While this may seem excessive for others, this is what reportedly works for her.

Aside from masks and hydration, Jisoo also reportedly pays attention to her lips. Reports said that she “likes” to exfoliate her lips every night.

Lisa and her love for moisturizers

Lisa has a very specific trick that does a lot of wonders to her skin. The BLACKPINK’s rapper-singer reportedly piles cream moisturizer on her face every night before going to bed.

Following the application, she massages her face for better penetration. Sources also shared that she brings facial massagers everywhere she goes.

Jennie’s skincare is all about her diet

Jennie used to use two facial masks per day to improve her skin. However, she had since left the habit when she started focusing more on her diet.

She reportedly revealed that her skincare “goes beyond” products. Every morning, she drinks detox juices, as well as chicken feet collagen soup. She also drinks a lot of water throughout the day.

BLACKPINK and their main secret to beautiful, glowing skin

All of their tips and hacks work well for them. But, among all these things, Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé have one best tip for their skincare.

As stated, they prioritize their skincare regimens over their make-up routines. Above all else, this is BLACKPINK’s best tip in maintaining their beauty and radiant skin.

Images (1) & (2) courtesy of BLACKPINK/YouTube

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