BLACKPINK’s Lisa doesn’t get rid of her bangs: Report

Finally, an expert has spilled out why BLACKPINK’s Lisa won’t get rid of her bangs!

In the previous episode of Knowing Brothers, BLACKPINK’s Lisa cracked that she wouldn’t get rid of her bangs for less than ₩10.0 billion (about $8.91 million).

That’s a significant amount of money. But why is the “living doll,” as what others call her, would not take her bangs for another hairstyle?

Korean style consultant RareLee, in a new YouTube video, explained the reason behind Lisa’s commitment to bangs.

While others thought about her forehead

Several people spend time in the salon and ask for bangs to cover up their large foreheads. However, as many thought this is the case for Lisa, well, Rarelee claims that this is not her reason for the hairstyle.

There was a rare time when BLACKPINK’s leading dancer was spotted with her bangs brushed aside. With what the camera captured, it is clear that her forehead is a perfect size.

This is what the style consultant has to say

With the many speculations regarding the idol’s hairstyle, the style consultant explained that Lisa’s preference for bangs is down to a completely different facial feature. He revealed that it is because of Lisa’s eyes.

Everyone knows the beautiful and big round eyes of the BLACKPINK star. This is one of the reasons why some gave her a nickname, “Living Doll.”

The style expert continued that there is something unique about Lisa’s eyes. He shared that the gap between the eyebrows of Lisa and her eyes is relatively short.

RareLee expressed, a “soft and serene” look is created when there is a long distance between the eyes and eyebrows. And a charismatic and “boyish” charm is reflected when there’s only a shorter distance.

The bangs work!

As the style consultant further explained, that full bangs obscure the distance between Lisa’s eyes and eyebrows. This creates a perfectly chic and sweet aura as it accentuates the doll-like image she’s known for.

Meanwhile, Lisa will create a strong and more sexy image if she brushes her bangs aside, especially when one takes her arched, dense eyebrows into account.

And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a sexy vibe, Lisa appears to prefer more the lovely and soft look that full bangs affect.

Image courtesy of BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

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