Blake Jenner allegedly an abused victim too from ex Melissa Benoist

Blake Jenner also a victim in his relationship with ex Melissa Benoist

Blake Jenner confirmed ex Melissa Benoist’s allegations last year that she was a survivor of domestic violence. But Jenner said he was also a victim when they were together.

Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist were too young when they met and were so in love, so they got married. However, things didn’t run smoothly during their marriage with Benoist filing for divorce in 2016.

Last year, Benoist announced that she had an abusive relationship with Jenner. It took months for the latter to address the issue.

Blake Jenner confirmed Melissa’s abuse allegations

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Blake Jenner said he had been thinking about the issue in the past 11 months and finally decided to address it. He admitted that he kept it due to shame and fear. Jenner didn’t name Benoist in his post and only referred to her as his ex-partner or former partner.

He was only 20 years old when he met Melissa Benoist. According to him, their passion would take them both to their most joyous highs and to moments of jealousy and bouts of insecurity.

There were times when he wanted to leave but couldn’t, especially when his then partner would ask him to stay. He believed that their relationship was rooted in co-dependency and had dire consequences. They were both young and broken.

Jenner took full responsibility and accountability for the pain he inflicted on Benoist emotionally, mentally, and physically. The American Animals star also admitted that there was a time when he threw his phone, and it hit his former’s partner’s face. He was also shocked and what he did. He is still working on forgiving himself for that.

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Jenner says he is also a victim

Blake Jenner went on and shared that the abuse came from both ends.

“Without absolving myself of any responsibility, it is important to understand that there was mental, emotional and physical abuse inflicted from both ends,” he wrote.

According to Jenner, he was made to pass on numerous jobs and opportunities due to his ex’s jealousy of his prospective female co-stars. He was also allegedly discouraged and threatened not to develop any relationship and even take photos with his female co-stars. Also, Benoist allegedly made him feel guilty while working.

“I received calls from my former partner while I was away, threatening self-harm out of depression and a deep-seated fear of abandonment. I was isolated,” he added.

He said their toxic relationship became the entirety of his world. He was also allegedly scratched, slapped, and punched in the face. In fact, the violent encounter even resulted in a trip to the hospital, and he had to conceal the visible injuries with makeup and lies.

Jenner issued an apology

Blake Jenner apologized to everyone, especially those who trusted and respected him. He also apologized to Benoist and said there were many things he wanted to do differently. The “Glee” star also said he was working on improving himself.

Jenner also wished Benoist and her new family good health, love, and joy. Benoist and Jenner’s divorce was finalized in 2017. Meanwhile, the “Supergirl” star married Chris Wood last year, and they are already expecting their first child together.


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