Blake Shelton, Adele and other artists ‘ridiculous’ backstage demands revealed

Blake Shelton, Adele and other artists 'ridiculous' backstage demands revealed

Artists like Blake Shelton and Adele, reportedly have demands backstage, as with the other popular performers today.

Blake Shelton is one of the most successful artists in the industry today. With his unique voice and skill set, it is not reportedly surprising why he made it into the music scene.

However, reports said that he has a “humble” background. As stated, he has a “rags-to-riches” type of story. Despite this, though, he, just like many top artists in recent times, has backstage demands, according to Business Insider.

Blake Shelton and his top demands backstage

Blake Shelton has reportedly gained a “low-key” and “unpretentious” reputation. As noted, this is one of the many reasons why his fans and supporters love him. 

While the initial report seemingly considers his backstage demands as “ridiculous,” Cheat Sheet claims that his are not actually “diva-like.” As pointed out, his requirements largely “spotlight” his humble living.

The list reportedly includes a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a bag of Starbucks espresso blend. Aside from his coffee preferences, he also demands a pack of 5-hour Energy.

For his liquors, the country singer loves to have a case of Bud Light and Miller Lite, all in cans, as per claims. These all reportedly also comes with two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon and two bottles of Bacardi Clear rum.

Alongside the beverages, he also prefers to have three 3-pack of Blue Orbitz gum, a bag of Hershey’s Chocolate minis, and a pack of either peppered or teriyaki beef jerky.

Adele’s surprising backstage demands

Unlike Blake Shelton, Adele reportedly requires a pack Marlboro Light with a “disposable cigarette lighter.” She also asks for six metal teaspoons and six large mugs for tea, along with an electric kettle.

The same publication then noted that her backstage demands “roll deep.” As it happens, she also prefers to have a bottle of the “very best quality red wine” and 12 small bottles still spring water, non-carbonated.

Adele's surprising backstage demands

Other artists’ “ridiculous” requirements

Adele and Blake Shelton are not the only artists on the list. It also includes Beyoncé’s prohibition of any Coca-Cola products because of her contract with Pepsi.

Rihanna also has reportedly unique backstage demands. Her list includes blue or black drapes with “icy-blue chiffon.” Not to mention her clean animal-print throw rug because she would walk on it barefoot. This is reportedly in opposition to Sir Paul McCartney’s list as the artist bans fur, leather, and meat in his dressing room. 

For Katy Perry, she strictly prohibits carnations on her demands of flower arrangements. But, aside from the specific flower rules, she also reportedly requires a very specific list of food.

Based on the list, reports concluded that Blake Shelton’s backstage demands are much simpler than the other artists’.


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