Blake Shelton binge eating during quarantine, hides snack wrappers from Gwen Stefani: Rumor

Blake Shelton binge eating during quarantine, hides snack wrappers from Gwen Stefani: Rumor

Blake Shelton has, allegedly, gained a few pounds while in quarantine.

OK! magazine published a photo of Blake Shelton seemingly looking a bit chunkier than usual. However, it is important to note that the photo that the tabloid used isn’t a recent one. After all, Shelton isn’t wearing a face mask in the snap.

Gwen Stefani encourages Blake Shelton to eat healthy like her

A source told the tabloid that Shelton has been snacking a lot, while his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, continues to eat healthily.

“Gwen mostly sticks to vegetables, fruits, and quinoa and has tried to get Blake to eat better. But Blake refuses to give up the chips, chicken wings, and his biggest weakness – beer,” the source said.

Blake Shelton hiding snack wrappers at home 

Blake Shelton hiding snack wrappers at home

The insider also claimed that Stefani has been finding snack wrappers hidden around the house. And they, allegedly, belong to Shelton.

To make things worse, the tabloid accused the country musician of eating the leftovers on Stefani’s children’s plates.

“What’s maddening is that he starts each day saying it’ll be different then he succumbs and lets himself down,” the source said.

Shelton wants to lose weight but becomes grumpy?

The Voice coach, allegedly, wants to lose as least 10 pounds. And his girlfriend and his whole family are waiting to see his progress.

“The whole family is waiting for Blake to get his act together because he’s really grumpy when he overdoes it,” the source said.

Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton an ultimatum

Rumors about Stefani urging Blake Shelton to lose weight aren’t new. Last year, National Enquirer claimed that the No Doubt singer prevented Shelton from drinking because it made him fat.

A source told the tabloid that Stefani even threatened to call it quits with Shelton if he doesn’t stop drinking and start losing weight.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the claims back then after they spoke with a rep for Stefani. They were told that the rumors aren’t true.

The country musician talks about his ‘divorce diet’

Five years ago, the musician guested on America’s Morning Show and the host noticed that he lost some weight. Shelton joked that he had been on a divorce diet since July of that year.

“The whole stress of getting through all of that is just…It was just weird. I’m not eating as many fried pickles and stuff. I’m doing great. I am. It’s just…I wasn’t, like, going to the gym. Just stay as busy as you can to kind of keep your mind off of everything,” he said.

Back then, Blake Shelton was still dealing with his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

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