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Blake Shelton desperate to wed Gwen Stefani but she refused: Rumor


Blake Shelton is, allegedly, keen on wedding Gwen Stefani, and he feels that his girlfriend is trying to delay their nuptials.

Last year, National Enquirer published the questionable headline about Stefani and Blake Shelton.

Does Blake Shelton want to wed Gwen Stefani without proposing?

After the country singer officiated the wedding of his friends, Shelton couldn’t, allegedly, feel sad because he still hasn’t tied the knot with Stefani.

A source claimed that Shelton wants to marry Stefani as soon as possible, but the No Doubt singer wants her marriage to Gavin Rossdale to be annulled first.

“He had a dream wedding planned but was bummed out that it keeps getting pushed back,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims last year when they first published the story. And they revisited the dubious claims this week to reiterate their stand.

They said that Stefani and Rossdale’s divorce was finalized in 2016. This means that the reason that the tabloid gave about Stefani, allegedly, delaying her wedding is incorrect.

The rumor-debunking site also said that it’s unlikely for Shelton to be rushing his marriage to Stefani when he hasn’t even proposed to the singer.

Gwen Stefani’s Las Vegas residency stressing Blake Shelton

National Enquirer has been publishing questionable claims about Stefani and Shelton for years. In February, the tabloid claimed that the couple is being torn apart by Stefani’s Las Vegas residency.

“It’s the first significant amount of time they’ve had been apart in years, if ever, and the strain is already showing on their faces. A lot of people around them wonder if their love can stand the test. They swear to anyone who’ll listen that the distance will only make their hearts grow fonder, but Blake is already having serious doubts about spending that much time apart,” the source said.

Is Blake dependent on Gwen?

The source also claimed that Shelton has become reliant on Stefani because they spend every waking hour together. And it seems The Voice coach has become obsessed with his girlfriend.

“Blake starts thinking men are chasing after her if she’s gone for more than a few hours or let alone months,” the tabloid said.

But nine months have passed and Shelton and Stefani are still together. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic just brought them closer to each other.

The couple also has a house together, and they have been living together for months.

There isn’t also any indication that Blake Shelton has become obsessed with Stefani.

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