Blake Shelton ‘exposed’ Ellen DeGeneres for taking back gift she gave

Blake Shelton previously revealed that Ellen DeGeneres took back the gift she gave him in one of their old interviews on The Ellen Show.

Several celebrities have already experienced guesting on The Ellen Show. Blake Shelton is one of them, who even guested a couple of times.

While the interviews seemingly went well, netizens have recently discovered a shocking revelation that the God’s Country singer shared. An unearthed interview between him and the celebrity host reveals how Ellen DeGeneres reportedly took back the gift she previously gave Shelton, according to Cheat Sheet.

Blake Shelton “clapped back” at Ellen DeGeneres

In December 2019, Blake Shelton made an appearance on The Ellen Show to give “updates” about his life and career. Amid the discussions, Ellen DeGeneres asked the country singer about the gift that she gave him in one of their previous interviews on the same show.

The celebrity host said that the “clock” that she gave Shelton is a reminder for the singer, including Gwen Stefani, that “time is ticking.” Reports said that she seemingly hinted that time is running out, and the couple must soon tie the knot.

Stefani’s better half “clapped back” and revealed that DeGeneres did not give him the clock. He shared that someone thanked him for his guesting when he was at the backstage and asked for the clock back. “They took it,” Shelton added.

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Did Ellen DeGeneres recycle the gift?

Ellen DeGeneres, reportedly, appeared clueless following the revelations. She even responded that it was not right. “Why do we need it?” she rhetorically asked.

Blake Shelton consequently laughed and “poked fun” of what happened. He then accused the celebrity host of “recycling” the clock. As it happened, she gave a similar “gift” to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Both of them laughed, though, at the flow of the conversation. DeGeneres, however, shortly changed the subject and moved on to discuss other things about the artist.

Fans have continued “dug up” Ellen DeGeneres’ old interviews

Later on, the publication said that Shelton’s unearthed interview on The Ellen Show is just one of the many old interviews of Ellen DeGeneres that netizens recently dug up. This, reportedly, comes after months of continued negative reporting about the celebrity host.

Back in March, the accusations emerged that DeGeneres is “mean,” adding that she fostered a “toxic work environment” on The Ellen Show. Despite this, she has not commented nor released any official statement about the issue. However, sources claimed that she now intends to step back from the show, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, her interview with Blake Shelton has continued to attract attention. Although both of them were seemingly enjoying the conversation, several netizens have reportedly used it to criticize Ellen DeGeneres.

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