Blake Shelton groomzilla, obsessed with Gwen Stefani wedding rumors debunked

Blake Shelton groomzilla, obsessed over Gwen Stefani wedding rumors debunked

Blake Shelton was more stressed than his bride, Gwen Stefani, about their upcoming wedding, according to a report.

Blake Shelton is feeling the pressure of tying the knot again. One outlet called him “groomzilla” because he was obsessed with wedding planning.

Blake Shelton allegedly obsessed with the upcoming wedding

Blake Shelton was going all out in planning his wedding to fiancee Gwen Stefani, OK! reported. The tabloid also called the country singer “groomzilla” because he was “driving friends and family batty with his obsessive wedding planning.”

Shelton allegedly dove into planning his wedding to Stefani and hasn’t slowed down since. The God Gave Me You singer also made over-the-top demands and set his heart to the newlywed boat parade.

The Voice judge was allegedly fussing over the menu and insisting on getting gourmet food and premium champagne imported from Europe. The unnamed source estimated that Shelton and Stefani’s wedding will cost him millions.

Shelton was also more stressed than the No Doubt singer about the whole thing, the report claimed. His attitude had left people around him grumbling that he needed a chill pill.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop refuted the report saying OK! magazine is not a reliable source when it comes to Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship. The outlet has published bogus stories about the couple in the past, and the content on the recent report is not really new.

In January 2020, OK! published a report claiming Gwen and Blake will be spending $3 million for their wedding. However, at the time, the two weren’t even engaged yet.

The outlet claimed Shelton proposed at the beginning of the holiday season, and she said “yes” to him. They reportedly kept their engagement quiet to enjoy their relationship milestone and decided to share the great news with their friends on Christmas.

The report was also false because Shelton only proposed to Stefani in October 2020. They announced their engagement in the same month. Gossip Cop pointed out that OK was wrong about the timing, proposal, and when and how the couple broke the news.

Gwen allegedly wants Blake to be fit on their wedding day

Two years ago, National Enquirer also claimed that Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton an ultimatum about his body. The Hollaback Girl singer was allegedly sick of him gaining weight. So, she demanded that he hit the gym or they will separate.

Gossip Cop also debunked the report saying because the couple is happier than ever. Also, two years later, they are still together and are already getting married.


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