Blake Shelton hurt Gwen Stefani’s feeling during argument, refused to apologize: Rumor

Blake Shelton hurt Gwen Stefani's feeling during argument, refused to apologize: Rumor

Blake Shelton, allegedly, hurt Gwen Stefani’s feelings during one of their heated arguments while on lockdown.

According to Us Weekly, the argument between the couple took place after a long day with Stefani’s sons. During the heat of the moment, Blake Shelton, allegedly, said something that hurt Stefani’s feelings, and he refused to apologize.

“Friends say he just blamed being cooped up for all of the stress,” the source said.

Gwen Stefani's dad helped her with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani’s dad helped her with Blake Shelton

Shortly after the incident, Shelton, allegedly, picked up Stefani’s parents. And the presence of Stefani and Dennis helped cool the couple down.

“Blake flew Gwen’s mom and dad in. And when they arrived, Gwen’s mood seemed to change instantly. He’s always been her rock in tough times. During Gwen’s divorce from Gavin, he was her shoulder to cry on,” the source said.

Gwen Stefani adores her dad

The source also said that Stefani is such a huge daddy’s girl. And the No Doubt singer looks at her dad as the only man that would never hurt her.

In fact, even while Stefani and Shelton were already dating, the former still took her dad to a mediation session with Rossdale for moral support.

Gwen Stefani’s parents love Blake Shelton

According to the source, Dennis approves of Blake Shelton and Stefani’s romance. And the doting dad also adores his future son-in-law.

“Dennis is an old school Catholic and had encouraged Gwen to pursue an annulment from Gavin before tying the knot with Blake so that she could get married in a traditional church setting. But it’s been about 16 months since Gwen began the process – and with the pandemic, there is just no timetable as to when a decision will be made,” the source said.

The insider also said that if it were up to Dennis, he would continue to encourage the couple to wait a little longer.

“He’s prayed about it a lot and it’s more important to him that his daughter be married to the man she loves,” the source said.

The couple is engaged

However, it seems that Dennis’ alleged prayers could fall on deaf ears. After all, Shelton and Stefani just announced that they’re engaged.

According to reports, Shelton proposed to Stefani on the week of Oct. 17. But it was only this week that they shared the news with their fans.

Prior to the announcement, tabloids have been speculating about the couple’s relationship.

According to In Touch Weekly, Stefani broke up with Blake Shelton after he refused to propose on her birthday.

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