Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert major drama rumors revisited ahead Gwen Stefani wedding

Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert major drama rumors revisited ahead Gwen Stefani wedding

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert split over five years ago, but reports claimed that there were major dramas between the exes.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have seemingly moved on from each other. In fact, the two are already in a relationship — Shelton already proposed to Gwen Stefani while Lambert was already married to Brendan Mcloughlin. However, several tabloids claimed that there were also dramas between them.

Blake Shelton allegedly cheated on Miranda

Miranda Lambert allegedly accused her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, of cheating, OK! reported. The tabloid quoted an anonymous source who claimed that the divorce wasn’t her idea. 

The Mama’s Broken Heart songstress allegedly suspected that Shelton of carousing, and when she watched him on The Voice with Gwen Stefani for the first time, her blood ran cold because there was obvious chemistry between them, an insider claimed.

Lambert wanted to show her fans that she wanted to save their marriage, but it seemed that the country singer wasn’t interested in making things work.

However, Gossip Cop doubts the report because it’s already five years since they divorced. Also, there is no need to clear the air.

Miranda allegedly warned friends to skip Blake, Gwen’s wedding

Miranda Lambert allegedly urged their common friends not to attend Blake Shelton’s wedding. She reportedly gave them an ultimatum saying, “it’s Blake or me,” National Enquirer reported.

The outlet claimed Lambert frequently criticized Stefani, saying Shelton has lost his roots. However, contrary to the story, Lambert has nothing but kind words to say about her ex, Gossip Cop noted. So, there is no reason for her to sabotage Shelton’s wedding to Gwen Stefani. Also, she has already moved on from Shelton with her new husband.

Lamber unhappy with Blake, Gwen’s wedding

National Inquirer also claimed that Miranda Lambert was unhappy about his wedding to Gwent Stefani. She even thought that their marriage “has failure written all over it.”

It also claimed that there were sources agreeing with Lambert claiming that the wedding planning threatened to tear apart Stefani and Shelton.

The outlet noted that Stefani wanted to marry Shelton in Beverly Hills. However, he preferred to be on his ranch in Oklahoma.

The outlet also claimed that she criticized Stefani for being built on a foundation of Botox and fillers when Shelton likes a natural woman. The God Gave Me You singer reportedly wanted someone whose beauty comes from working out and not cosmetic enhancements.

The rumor-debunking site doubts the report. First, Lambert has moved on from Shelton. Second, she has some better things to do than trash her ex-husband.


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