Blake Shelton planning $2M Malibu wedding with Gwen Stefani: Rumor

Blake Shelton planning $2M Malibu wedding with Gwen Stefani: Rumor

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will, allegedly, go all-out for their wedding.

According to Star, the couple has agreed to spend $2 million for their big day. Additionally, Blake Shelton also gave Stefani the final say when it came to their venue.

Initially, there were claims that the couple will be having two weddings. However, it didn’t, allegedly, take them long to realize that this isn’t practical.

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani tying the knot in LA

In the end, Shelton realized that Stefani’s desire to have a wedding in Los Angeles was much better than his plan to tie the knot in Oklahoma.

“In the end, the West Coast won because it’s just more practical. It’s a win-win because they can be close to home and invite all their Hollywood friends,” the source said.

Blake Shelton doesn't want to spend millions on his wedding

Blake Shelton doesn’t want to spend millions on his wedding

The insider also said that there was little concern on Shelton’s side when it came to the price tag of their wedding. But when things started adding up, he, allegedly, started to feel worried.

“There was little concern on Blake’s side that it was too much to spend on a wedding. But when all the price tags were added up for the food, music, and cost of flying guests from out of town, their five-star honeymoon, and custom-made wedding bands, it became clear they’d have to bite the bullet,” the source said.

Gwen Stefani wants to go all-out

However, the source seemingly suggested that Stefani didn’t want to compromise, especially when it came to the cost of her wedding dress.

The No Doubt singer, allegedly, wants to make sure that she could knock Shelton off his feet when he sees her.

For the wedding ceremony, Stefani will, allegedly, don a white dress. But she would quickly change into a red or black silky dress during the reception.

The couple’s alleged baby plans

Shortly after their wedding, Shelton and Stefani will, allegedly, start talking about having kids.

“Blake’s wanted to be a dad his whole life, so this is really a dream come true for him. And Gwen can’t wait to raise a little princess. Of course, if they end up with a boy, they’ll be just as happy,” the source said.

As of late, Blake Shelton and Stefani haven’t shared intimate details from their wedding. So, it’s unlikely for a tabloid to know all this information about the couple.

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