‘Bleach: Burn the Witch’ Season 2: Creator discusses sequel’s release date

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump teased the coming of Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 manga series. However, it looks like it will take some time before fans will finally see it.

The announcement of Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 came with a “coming soon” note, unrevealing its official release date. So, when will the avid-followers see it?

The new volume’s look

According to Anime News Network, the new magazine issue confirmed a “260-pages compiled book volume” shipped on October 2. It was the same day as the anime movie’s screening.

The new volume will have an exclusive color illustration with a double-sided full-color pinup poster. It will also come with the manga’s original one-shot.

Will fans have the chance to see it this year?

The new season’s possible release date

In an interview with the manga series creator Tite Kubo, he told Comic Natalie the sequel was not “coming soon” like what was initially indicated on the announcement.

The magazine editors only added that phrase to motivate Kubo himself to do the new chapters quicker.

“My editor told me they wanted to put the Season 2 announcement at the end of the final chapter of Season 1,” Kubo explained. “So, I told them I’d draw some sketches for that, like the ones that appear on those pages.”

He even joked that the “coming soon” words were written without his permissionComicbook noted, but later cleared the editor showed him the teaser page for Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 before publication.

However, Kubo admitted the sequel wasn’t coming soon. The manga artist even asked for fans’ patience as it might take a little while before new chapters would drop.

“There were a lot of people on Twitter commenting that they ‘were sure I’d start drawing Season 2 soon,” he said. “I ended up thinking that ‘I’d actually have to start drawing ‘soon,’ it seems.'”

“But it will probably not be ‘soon,’ so I’ll be happy if readers can patiently wait,” he continued.

The first season of Bleach: Burn the Witch is a four-chapter short serialization of the one-shot manga of the same name. The original material first dropped in July 2018, while the serialization debuted in August this year.

Viz Media published the manga in English, along with a digital version of the one-shot chapter in March. Hopefully, fans will see Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 sooner than expected.

Are you one of the fans who want to see Bleach: Burn the Witch Season 2 soon? Share your comments below.

Featured images used courtesy of JaymesHanson/YouTube Screenshots

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