‘Blightbound’ will be on free beta test this weekend


Coop dungeon crawler Blightbound is ready for Early Access next week. Before that starts, publisher Devolver Digital will have a free beta test this weekend.

This coming July 24 to 26, Blightbound will be available for a beta preview on Steam. Players can enjoy and see if they want the game for themselves on the limited trial.

Blight is an intriguing dungeon crawling adventure

Blight is one of those games that combine a ton of exciting genres in one. At its core, Blight is a dungeon-crawling grimdark tale, with a combination of beat ’em up and RPG aspects. The art is not only beautiful, but it’s also reminiscent of others in the genre.

The visuals that the game brings are reminiscent of Red Hook’s Darkest Dungeon. It’s wistful, intriguing, and full of darkness with every outline. The graphic novel style lines hammer the grimdark genre home.

Even if it looks like a beat ’em up, the game is still more cerebral than others. Players need to know what to do, how to work around synergies, and manage cooldown. It sounds stuffy and cumbersome, but it’s superbly enjoyable.

The game so far only has three characters. While this sounds like a letdown, these classes have clear roles in every team. The game uses the classic mages, tanks, and DPS-dealers, with plans for more in the near future.

Dev team Ronimo Games is looking to make players stick together. Working together is the name of the game, and gameplay balance is possible if players do their roles.

Teamwork is crucial in Blight

Blightbound puts players in precarious situations where teamwork is life or death. As crawling chaos infects the land, it’s the players’ job to get the adventure moving. The world is full of monsters and places to uncover.


There are more than 20 heroes, each falling within the three character classes. Each hero has their own skill sets and even backstories to consider. There are also hundreds of items to loot, and each can change the chances of a mission.

Every dungeon underwent careful crafting, handmade by Ronimo’s level designers. Each locale makes sense in the story that the game is trying to tell. The roster of fallen heroes are complex, and it’s not all about numbers.

Players will solve puzzles, fight bosses, and try to save the world. For players who love coop RPG games and grimdark fantasies, this can be the opportunity to try it.

Blightbound is available for PC on Steam. The trial will run over the weekend, from July 24 to 26.

Images courtesy of Devolver Digital/Youtube Screenshot

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