Blizzard considering cross-platform support for ‘Overwatch’

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Overwatch is four years old now and the game has changed dramatically since launching. Although a lot of new content and features have already made it to the game, there are still some other features that fans of the shooter have been longing for since launch.

Cross-platform means allowing players across different platforms to play with each other. It’s available in games like Call of Duty: Warzone but it’s something that Overwatch fans have yet to get in the game.

Cross-platform in the works?

In a recent interview, game director Jeff Kaplan says that the team behind the game is fairly interested in allowing cross-play. Most particularly, he is interested in allowing the feature for the upcoming sequel to the game. On that topic, the least they’ve worked on know is allowing Overwatch players to play with those who are playing on the sequel’s core PVP game modes.

Fans have long since asked for cross-platform support but sadly, Blizzard is yet to address the long-requested issue. Now, the platforms the game is playable on include the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and most recently, the Switch.

Jeff Kaplan and the rest of the development team have said their sentiments towards cross-platform but no progress has been made yet. However, fans remain more hopeful now that a sequel is coming.

Why is cross-platform support requested?

There are many reasons why fans have been asking for cross-platform support frequently. For starters, this expands the player base of the game significantly. As players across all available consoles can play with each other, the queue times for matches will be significantly reduced.

Another benefit is that such support allows players to access cross-progression as well. This feature means players can access their accounts – including all their skins and levels, regardless of what platform they are playing on. Currently, if players from one platform shift to another platform, they’ll have to start over.

There are downsides to this as well. Those playing on PCs will be at a significant advantage as shooters are best played using a mouse and keyboard set-up. Cross-platform support might eventually isolate the community from one another as well.

Blizzard could remedy this issue by allowing console players to avoid matching up against those who are using a keyboard and mouse. It’s a feature available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Overwatch is a great game but there are still a few features missing from it. The good thing is that Blizzard is known to be a good listener so the feature might come eventually.

Image used courtesy of Blizzard

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