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Blizzcon 2020 officially canceled, what does this mean for ‘Overwatch 2’


As expected, Blizzard has officially pulled the plug on Blizzcon 2020 amid pandemic concerns. The event was expected to be the grounds for many exciting announcements, including the possible release or release date reveal for Overwatch 2.

Blizzard said a month ago that it would monitor things to see whether or not pushing through with Blizzcon 2020 is a good idea. Now, it has officially canceled the event, leaving fans dismayed with the idea of Overwatch 2 potentially getting delayed.

“We’re feeling deeply disappointed about this decision, and imagine many of you will feel the same. I truly love BlizzCon, and I know that’s a sentiment shared by everyone at Blizzard. We will sorely miss connecting with so many of you at the convention and “recharging our geek batteries” this fall, says Saralyn Smith, Executive Producer of Blizzcon.

Of course, the event was delayed for the health and security of attendants and Blizzard’s people. However, fans are now concerned about how this can affect the release of the upcoming sequel to Overwatch.

Digital event by 2021

Although it hasn’t set anything in stone yet, Blizzard did say that it is planning on releasing a digital event by next year. If this is indeed the case, then there is a good chance that players could see the big announcement that was intended for Blizzcon 2020.

Alternatively, Blizzard can also rely on other events when it comes to announcements for its future titles, including Overwatch 2. It’s worth noting, though, that Blizzard always sticks with Blizzcon with regards to major announcements. Even Overwatch was announced at Blizzcon in 2014.

Sequel delayed?

For now, Blizzard is yet to reveal anything about the development progress on the sequel to Overwatch. Since being revealed last year, it has been very quiet about the game. By now, players are concerned that the game is delayed in the meantime.

Without a doubt, the cancelation of Blizzcon 2020 has an impact on the release of the upcoming title. Still, players are confident that even if the game gets delayed, they won’t have to wait too long before it eventually arrives.

It seems more and more like Overwatch 2 is still out of reach of the players. While the cancelation of Blizzcon is much needed, the least Blizzard could do is give fans some updates about the game. Since there will be a long period as to when we’ll hear from Blizzard again, the developers could reveal details in one of the upcoming events in replacement of E3 2020.

Image used courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube

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