BlockBank: the perfect companion in the crypto space

The cryptocurrency space, while full of opportunities for significant gains in terms of profit, is without its own drawbacks. Investing in it will mean big risks, considering the volatile nature of its market.

There are also a lot of things that need to be considered when stepping into the realm of crypto, such as what currency to hold and invest in, when to trade, how to increase your income, what areas you can take risks and when is the right time for both small and big “business decisions.”

Handling all of these on your own can be very overwhelming and when you are involved in a world that is unpredictable as crypto, being overwhelmed is not an option.

This is where BlockBank, your humble but very capable and intelligent advisor, comes in.

What is BlockBank and how does it work?

BlockBank is a non-custodial utility wallet that integrates the power of decentralized and centralized technology in a simple and secure mobile application. Through it, one can send, receive and store Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies in the most efficient of ways while also assuring security and privacy.

It is powered by its utility platform token, BBANK. By staking this native token to their BlockBank non-custodial utility wallet, users are able to gain access to the credit card rewards program, use the advanced AI Assistant and increase their Annual Percentage Yield (APY) from 10% to 30%.

BlockBank also has an umbrella of hard-working people headed by its Co-founder and CEO Kelghe D’cruz, Co-founder and CLO Anastasija Plotnikova, Co-founder and COO Darren Franceschini, Co-founder and Chief Blockchain Architect Dunstan Teo and Co-founder and CIO Rico Pang, among other executives.

The AI Robo-Advisor

BlockBank’s patented AI robo-advisor monitors, gathers and provides data in real-time based on user’s investment preferences to maximize gains and minimize unnecessary losses.

Now that’s the kind of companion you need to navigate the ever-changing and ever-growing world of crypto!

The kind of work BlockBank does is reflected by its more than 25,000 users and over $1 million managed assets.

Some of BlockBank’s investors and partners are SKAEL, Three M Capital, COMBINE, Matrix Pool, Iconic Holdings, Kyros Ventures and SANCTUM, Coin Hub, and DeFi Singapore, to name a few.

So, before you take another step in joining the crypto bandwagon, make sure to have this reliable mobile companion with you. It’s safe, reliable, easy to use, and provides you a wide variety of rewards.


Image courtesy of BlockBank/YouTube Screenshot

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