Blockchain-based social media – changing lives around the world

Blockchain-based social media - changing lives around the world

Over three billion people live on less than $2.50 per day and more than 80% of our global population lives on less than $10 per day. A lot of people talk about solving global poverty, but not many are doing anything about it.

We are now beyond humbled to say that, after only 8 months in operation, Uptrennd has evolved into a platform where 80% of the global population can now easily earn DOUBLE  what they normally live on, where people who are struggling to survive on $2.50 a day can now 8X their normal daily salary.

There have been countless posts expressing how the corruption of governments makes it near impossible to earn a wage for a decent life, and how Uptrennd is a way around that corruption, into a new sense of independence and freedom.

People are using what they earn on Uptrennd to pay bills, buy food and clothes, and support families and loved ones, shifting many from struggling to survive, into a new sense of financial security for them and their family.

The dream is that Uptrennd liberates BOTH the people enslaved by poverty and corruption as well as the people in the modern world, who are enslaved by jobs that don’t fulfill them.

Imagine a world where you could earn a thriving income to post what you loved, what you were passionate about.

The songs you write, the videos you make, the poems you write, the photos you take, and even the thoughts you write could support the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

If we are collectively able to get to $20/day with only 8 months in operation, with no outside funding, no marketing spend, and less than 10,000 users, just imagine what is possible.

We are redistributing wealth from the corporations and the advertisers back to the people.

It’s time to put an end to Facebook and corporate greed. It’s time to reclaim what’s ours and live the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Uptrennd users speak out

“Anytime I’m in financial difficulty, I trade some of the points earned which also happens to be 1up for real money to solve [my] money problems. I have been using 1up to pay my electricity bills, buying clothes and food, supporting my family, friends and loved ones,”

Acheampong Emmanuel

Uptrennd became my Main Social Network and [I use the others] to promote the platform. I was able to withdraw some of the 1UP and the ???? generated from The sales used to pay some School bills from my Youngest daughter.

“The thing is to pay those school fees just took me $50. That is practically the [average monthly] salary in my country ($65 is the official monthly income in Mozambique), and Uptrennd made it possible just working 40% of my free time.

“Income generated From Uptrennd made possible to pay those small bills but attested that it’s possible to make Uptrennd a living business in long term way.”

Alberto Dionisio

“What I see in 1UP token is safe extra haven protection against any economic crisis, which is quite possible to happen very soon across the world.

“In fact, we are living a slowdown or even economic recession in our country, although we aren’t told by our government.

“So what I see as a benefit of Uptrennd for Latin America, if people are having low paid jobs, they can combine it with extra income on Uptrennd. I personally think that it’s a great way to [earn a better] income.”

Jan Bouda

“On Uptrennd one can work for only four hours and receive his 15000UGX that is 3x what she gets in her 16 hours-a-day job. 250 1UP in Uganda represents something big.

“Most of the businesses in Kampala can make less than 250 1UP profits per day. If they can only see the potential of 1UP, they can use it to supplement [their] income.

“I do believe that Uprennd can change people’s life in Uganda.”

batte billy jackson

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