BLOCKCHAIN BOOM: So many jobs, so few candidates

BLOCKCHAIN BOOM: So many jobs, so few candidates

Are you an Australian blockchain developer looking for work?

We’re guessing the answer is no.

Because if you have blockchain skills, you should not be looking for work.

Growing industry

Every day on Australian job-hunting websites, blockchain-related jobs are popping up faster than you can say I-C-O.

On, a Perth-based company is currently looking for multiple software engineers to “grow its development team.”

Nauticus Blockchain, which is building an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, has told Micky there is a local shortage of skilled developers and finding the right people for the job can be tough.

There is now even an industry-specific recruitment agency, called Crypto Recruit, which is advertising at least two jobs in Sydney.

So what is the pay like?

Well, how does $250,000 a year sound? That’s what Loki is offering the right candidate for a job it has advertised.

Recruitment agency Hays is offering between $100k and $130k for a senior software engineer based in Perth.

It’s all happening in the blockchain space, and Australia appears to be leading the charge!

Micky has no commercial arrangement with any of the companies above, but will happily put you in touch with the right people if you’re interested in applying for the positions they have available. Our email address is