Blockchain can now be used to track Australian beef transport

Blockchain can now be used to track Australian beef transport

A new milestone for the Australian beef industry has been hit with an innovative platform that provides blockchain-based livestock traceability.

According to reports, Aglive Group Limited has just successfully trialed a world-first livestock traceability platform for the Aussie beef.

The trial, which began in late January, tracked beef from a farm in regional New South Wales all the way to China.

The blockchain-based platform tracked the frozen beef products, ensuring they were kept under safe conditions as they were transported by land to Brisbane and then by sea to Shanghai.

The pilot was carried out in collaboration with global shipping logistics company DB Schenker and support from Meat & Livestock Australia.

Aglive executive director Paul Ryan said “In light of coronavirus, strengthening the connection between Australian farming and food has never been more important,” before adding that health risks due to lack of traceability are increasing.

Paul Ryan also told Cointelegraph that:

each individual product, carton, and air container used across the supply chain is identified and tracked, with Internet-of-Things devices included alongside the products to record temperature and location data.

All data is recorded to a private version of the Ethereum blockchain that can execute smart contracts on both Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.

The executive stresses that Aglive is “technology-neutral” and “will work with whatever blockchain technology delivers the best outcomes for our client.”

The report added that the platform is the first of its kind to use an electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) app to integrate farm accreditation and management data into one system.

The firm has expansion plans with its “product-to-plate” solution in key livestock regions including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, and the European Union.

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