Blockchain developer tests positive for coronavirus after Ethereum conferences

PHBC releases coronavirus COVID-19 monitoring blockchain

Blockchain developer Zhen Yu Yong revealed on Wednesday that he has tested positive for coronavirus after attending two Ethereum conferences.

The developer and co-founder of Torus Labs took to Twitter to announce his diagnosis. He said, “Everybody who had close contact with me at ETHLondon and the Ethereum Community Conference should take extra precautions and/or get tested.”

Not aware he had COVID-19

It should be noted that Zhen Yu Yong was unaware that he had the virus and was not showing any symptoms while attending the two Ethereum conferences.

He later added that he is in medical quarantine in a Singapore hospital and adds that doctors told him it takes 2-14 days for symptoms to appear. According to his itinerary, the doctor’s opinion is that the coronavirus “probably came from France.”

Zhen Yu Yong noted that it is possible that he could have contracted the virus at the Stanford Blockchain Conference or ETHDenver in mid-February, though it is unlikely.

As the virus continues to spread, one wonders if future cryptocurrency and blockchain events will be postponed or canceled outright.

Coronavirus wreaking havoc

Around the world, COVID-19 continues to force schools to close and sports events to be canceled or played before empty stands. CME, one of the few entities offering Bitcoin derivatives contracts, recently announced it was suspending its trading floor on Friday due to concerns over the virus.

Earlier this week, the popular South by Southwest music, film, and tech festival was canceled. Yesterday, E3 2020 announced it was canceling its show as well, although it is looking at providing some sort of online interaction.

The sports world in the United States was rocked yesterday by the coronavirus outbreak. The NCAA announced the March Madness basketball tournament would be played without spectators, and the vast majority of the college conferences decided their basketball championship tournaments would also be played without attendees.

Probably the biggest news, sports-wise, comes from the NBA. Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for coronavirus, and the league responded by suspending all games until further notice.

In his address to the country concerning coronavirus, President Trump announced a 30-day travel ban from Europe, except for the United Kingdom.

While the United States has been impacted less severely by COVID-19 than countries like China, Iran, and France, the number of cases is rising daily. At the time of writing, the U.S. has reported 1,364 cases of coronavirus with 38 deaths.

The top five countries impacted by COVID-19 are China (80,796 cases and 3,169 deaths), Italy (12,462 cases and 827 deaths), Iran (10,075 cases and 429 deaths), South Korea (7,869 cases and 66 deaths), and Spain (3,003 cases and 84 deaths).

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