Blockchain gaming and NFT studio next for Polygon 

Polygon, one of the leading Ethereum infrastructure developers in the market, is planning to expand its services by launching blockchain-based gaming and an NFT studio.

These recent moves are part of the company’s long-term growth strategy to maintain its firm position in the highly competitive blockchain arena. 

Polygon’s newly-formed division, the Polygon Studios, was established to fulfill three main goals: 

First, to have a secure foothold on the decentralized gaming field.

Second, attract new developers and investors for its newly built ecosystem.

And, third, to be the top blockchain company in the market. 

Increasing competition

With intensifying competition in the blockchain field, Polygon has always been monitoring the latest trends to ensure that it stays relevant. 

One of the initiatives it has taken is the establishment of Polygon Gaming Studio, which aims to help game developers create and market their immersive blockchain games. 

The Polygon NFT Studio, on the other hand, aims to help both big brands and franchises venture into the blockchain by helping them launch their NFTs using the Polygon platform. 

High optimism

Polygon said with its new initiatives to offer new services, it is optimistic that the company can stay ahead in the blockchain competition. 

It also added that its top-to-bottom support for everything blockchain makes it one of the most desirable blockchain companies because of the big value it can provide to other companies that need blockchain-related support. 

Polygon has seen rapid growth recently with its new 75,000 users just this May, proving its popularity among blockchain enthusiasts. 

In fact, even billionaire Mark Cuban has praised Polygon’s innovative technology and its persuasive influence in the market, which other companies are struggling to replicate. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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