Blockchain summit organisers red-faced after false Michael Novogratz claim

blockchain summit
Michael Novogratz (Main image)

Organisers of the ADC Global Blockchain Summit today retracted a press release which falsely claimed prominent crypto investor Michael Novogratz was attending the event.

The retraction came after Micky revealed Mr Novogratz knew nothing about the event being held in Adelaide, South Australia, from March 18 – March 20.

“Unless I have a doppelgänger, this is a mistake,” said Novogratz.

He later tweeted “I love Oz, unfortunately have a wrestling tournament I have to attend.”

The Blockchain Summit is being run by Australian think-tank ADC Forum.

It’s unclear if the organisation was ever actually in contact with Mr Novogratz before making the bizarre claim about his attendance.

ADC Forum has given no explanation as to how the ‘error’ was made. It has deleted promotional facebook posts and tweets celebrating the ‘coup’.

“ADC Forum today retracts the press release issued March, 7 2019 entitled “renowned Wall Street trader and Bitcoin visionary Michael Novogratz to attended Global Blockchain Summit”, which inaccurately stated the confirmation of Michael Novogratz to speak at the ADC Global Blockchain Summit,” the retraction says.

“The March 7, 2019 press release was issued in error.”

blockchain summit
The retraction issued by ADC Forum today.
blockchain summit
The media release issued yesterday by ADC Forum, claiming Michael Novogratz would be attending the Global Blockchain Summit.

An insider close to the summit has said “it was a F**k up”.

The event, which is still going ahead, has been supported by the South Australian Government and the Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall.

“There is so much opportunity in South Australia and that’s why we want you to come along to the ADC Global Blockchain Forum… looking forward to seeing you here,” says Mr Marshall in a promotional video for the event.

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