Bloober team is working on three more horror titles along ‘Silent Hill’ reboot


Bloober Team has shared their plans while working on three more horror titles alongside Silent Hill.

Three more horror titles are in work from the Bloober team as the developers have announced that they have more plans to share.

Silent Hill has already been in the works, and since the reboot is taking quite some time to happen, it might be that the developers are looking for the best possible version of the game before the trailer is finalized.

The previous game has a team of fans who are not ready to slaughter the game’s main story at all. Konami is secretly working on the reboot, but the team has shared that they are not ready to disclose the details to the fans right away.

What is the team planning to work on?

Based out of Poland, the Bloober Team have created quite a name for themselves. The studio has released some of the most recent games, such as The Medium and even Layers of Fear, along with Blair Witch.

These are some of the leading titles released onto the PlayStation and different other platforms such as Xbox.

Following are the rumors that the team has already started their work on the other three titles of horror games that will release pretty soon. There are three projects that they are solely working on, and those are the Dum Spiro, H20, and Black for the creative European Project Grant to the European Nation.

A Redditor named Awkward96 has shared the team’s plan on the platform and has said that they are working on the unreleased titles now, as players will see more in the upcoming future.

Is the team working on a new reboot of ‘Silent Hill’?

The team has already been pressured to add more updates on the release of the Silent Hill reboot, but Konami is yet to share their ideas and what will be included in the game.

Silent Hill is a classic horror franchise that is directly related to a cult. Unfortunately, the legendary games such as Metal Gear, Castlevania have also been ignored for a very long time even though the fans have shared their interest in the reboots and likely been happy by the news of the reboot being on screen for an extended pored.

Konami has shared that fans need not worry about the release of the game as they are doing their best to what they can and surely will come up with better ideas and plans through which they can work on the new franchise of the modern era.

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