‘Blood and Water’ season 2: The series has a lot of unanswered questions

Blood and Water is one of Netflix’s latest original show. And though it’s just six chapters short, it has somehow captured some viewers’ attention. But will it have a season 2?

Blood and Water is a South African teen drama that premiered on May 20 on Netflix.

It follows a high school girl named Puleng (Ama Qamata) whose sister was kidnapped at birth many years ago due to human trafficking.

She then goes on a mission to find her long lost sister after suspecting that a popular girl named Fikile Bhele is the one she’s looking for.

The drama ended with a case solved but it seems like there are still questions that need to be answered.

Will there be a season 2?

With several questions still unanswered, followers of the show are now wondering if there’s going to be a Blood and Water season 2.

According to sources, the series just recently arrived online so it’s still too early to tell if it will get a sophomore run.

The streaming platform has yet to announce if there’s going to be a season renewal or if episode 6 is going to be the last of the Netflix Original.

If it does garner favorable reviews, it may follow the footsteps of Africa’s first Netflix Original, Queen Sono. The crime drama web series was renewed for season 2.

This could mean that all hope is not lost and fans may get to see more of what happens next after the events of episode 6.

If renewed, what will it mean for the show?

The last episode of the series showed a Puleng convinced that Fikile is her missing older sister, Phumelele. Her belief follows after exposing all her secrets.

But it doesn’t mean that Fikile will just set things straight by returning to her “real family.” She has been a Bhele for most of her life and she lives a very comfortable life with them.

Fikile might not want to leave the Bheles who have showered her with so much love and care. A second season will definitely be a good idea to see more of the drama between the teenage girls.

The love triangles in the story also needs to be settled. Will Puleng be in a relationship with KB or Wade? What about Zama? There’s a potential going on with Mark or Chris.

And most of all, there’s the truth behind Fikile’s abduction. Fans are hoping to look into more of that.

Stay tuned to find out whether there’s going to be a Blood and Water season 2.

Featured image courtesy of Netflix/YouTube screenshot 

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