‘Blue Lock’ Chapter 155 spoilers: The battle against top national teams

Blue Lock Chapter 155

The soccer players will be receiving the biggest surprise of their lives in Blue Lock Chapter 155 after learning and facing the top national teams they chose.

Forty-five players are divided into a group with nine members according to their country of choice. Little did they know that the next step would shock every one of them in Blue Lock Chapter 155.

The next move that surprises the players

According to Recent Highlights, many expect that the Japan U-20 team will be traveling to the outside world. However, Ego brings the outside world to Japan instead.

The nine players who have chosen Germany as their opposing nation end up facing its best team, the Bastard Munchen.

Thankfully, thanks to Ego, the original Japan U-20’s defenders and groalkeeper manage to be part of its new team.

Isagi and Rin have now separated and chosen their respective leagues. This just means they will not see each other for a while, but will they turn into rivals?

Isagi has chosen Germany with Kenya, Raichi Jingo, Gamamaru, Igarashi, Neru, Kuraona, Kiroya and Hiori.

Though many have already shown the world what they got, some are still yet to reveal what they can do.

Alternatively, Itoshi and Ryusei have chosen France in Blue Lock Chapter 155. As two egoists will work together, what conflicts will arise?

The Blue Lock story

Blue Lock is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Muneyuki Kaneshiro, per Anime Manga News. It tells the story of Jinpachi Ego, who was hired as Japan’s World Cup coach after the Japanese Football Association, thinks of the Japanese soccer’s current state.

He believes the country has no “aggressive goal-scoring striker,” so he creates the Blue Lock. It is a prison-like facility where 300 strikers from high schools across Japan are put together to compete against each other.

Whoever wins will become the country’s national team striker. Sadly, the losers will be banned from joining again.

One of the contenders is Yoichi Isagi. He is a striker who failed to lead his high school soccer team to the national tournament. Despite that, he has been selected to join this project.

To save a teammate who missed his goal, he passes the ball to him instead of getting the score for himself. This makes him wonder what his future will be if he has been more selfish.

With that said. Blue Lock offers him a golden opportunity to discover himself. This comes in perfect timing, knowing he wants to be the best striker in the world and lead Japan to the World Cup.

Blue Lock Chapter 155 is set to be out on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Featured image used courtesy of AnimeHype/YouTube Screenshot

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