BoA drug import violation: Korean netizens react

K-netizens have their fair share of reactions and comments regarding 1st-gen K-pop idol BoA being investigated for illegally transporting drugs from Japan to South Korea.

The entertainment industry and the fans of BoA, 34, were stunned when the singer made headlines for allegedly violating drug importing procedures.

As expected, netizens and BoA’s fans have diverse reactions to the matter, with some defending their idol, while others were quite not that shocked.

Here are what the netizens have to say

On Naver, a netizen commented, “You can go to the hospital haha, the excuse doesn’t go far.”

On the other hand, one netizen reacted that the authorities were enraged because the pills brought by BoA is from Japan and not South Korea.

It is better to get an English-language description to avoid confusion.

Furthermore, another differently-angled reaction from a netizen that reads: “I feel that is just an excuse, BoA could have used her name to get the prescription, why use the employee’s name?”

The matter all comes in handy when BoA’s entertainment agency, SM Entertainment, explained the case’s real deal.

Many are dissatisfied with the agency’s explanation, leaving fans disappointed.

BoA controversy: What went down?

The K-pop idol made headlines on December 17 (Thursday). It is when the singer is about to travel from Japan to South Korea.

The prosecutors deeply questioned BoA the previous day, reportedly taking invalidated sleeping pills without the paperwork.

An SM Entertainment employee was the one who had the idol carry the pills. One drug that is known to be with the singer is Zolpidem.

However, the drugs lack proper clearance, leading the singer and the employee to be under questioning.

Allkpop also stated that the medication prescription is under the staff’s name and not under BoA. Furthermore, BoA and the staff are not fully aware of the needed clearing procedures.

SM Entertainment came in full-armor to defend its artist.

The agency promised to strengthen multi-faceted education to all its employees and artists to prevent such agitation from occurring again.


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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