BoA participated in ‘My Ugly Duckling’s’ latest episode

BoA shared what her current ideal man and how her parents opposed her singing career.

On November 22, BoA made a special appearance on SBS’s My Ugly Duckling’s latest episode. In the reality show, BoA joined the host and celebrity moms as the panel of special MC.

BoA achieved another milestone

The host mentioned that BoA celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut. BoA then replied with a laugh, saying it is hard to believe that she reached her 20th anniversary.

It is such a significant number, but she is still in her thirties, so she is deciding if it should be worth celebrating or not.

The theme of the show is parents being unhappy with their kids’ behavior. Seo Jang Hoon asked BoA if she had ever been a kid who stressed her parents.

After some moments, she remembered how she told her parents that she wanted to be a trainee.

Left school for the career

Back in her time, the trainee concept is new, and she was still in her sixth grade when SM Entertainment offered to sign with them.

She has to take exams to get into middle school, and when she entered, she is at the top of her class. However, she left school right away to pursue her career in music.

When the singer is at the height of her fame, Kim Jong Kook’s mother shared something about her son.

Her son was promoting at the same time as BoA, and whenever she thinks that her son was about to hit No.1, BoA would appear No. 1 again.

The ideal guy

Moreover, the hosts asked to name a cast member that she would date. She chose Park Soo Hong because he excitingly lives his life. So if she dated Park Soo Hong, her life would be more exciting and eventful.

As for her ideal guy, she likes someone who treats her well and does not have too many friends. In terms of physical appearance, she is looking for a tall and handsome man.


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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