BoA shock: Singer in investigation for alleged drug smuggling

BoA is on investigation for a drug violation that says the South Korean singer has committed a breach.

One of K-pop’s industry’s finest, BoA, 34, is currently under investigation for illegally smuggling drugs. The case will lead to a severe crime if proven guilty.

That said, the 1st-gen K-pop idol was reported on December 17 (Thursday) that prosecutors thoroughly questioned BoA for violating import drug regulations, Allkpop stated.

BoA suffered because of the crew’s mishandling act

The case goes back to the inefficiency and mishandling of the transporting process made by her entertainment agency’s staff—SM Entertainment.

The agency’s overseas branch made BoA bring sleeping pills that she could use from Japan to South Korea.

However, the singer and crew bringing the pills are not backed by the proper clearance procedures.

With no proper clearance, BoA and the agency’s staff underwent heavy questioning for lacking needed paperwork to carry and transport the said drugs.

Furthermore, it was shared that neither the singer nor employees from SM Entertainment are well aware of the needed procedures.

The Korea Herald reported that BoA had multiple psychotropic drugs prescribed on her, naming zolpidem as one.

However, the shocking happening comes after her recent comeback to the K-pop spotlight with Better, marking the 20th year since her debut.

SM Entertainment responded to defend the singer

Shortly after the Queen of K-pop headlined various news sites about the incident, BoA’s home management and recording label responded to the allegations.

“We plan to strengthen multi-faceted education for all employees to prevent this from happening again in the future. I’m sorry to have troubled you,” the agency said.

Moreover, the company’s response also shared that the sleeping pills address the sleeping disorder the singer is experiencing.

For the time being, the prosecution team on BoA’s case will decide on the verdict. The said prosecutors will take a comprehensive look at the matter to provide the best conclusion.

Stay tuned!


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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