‘Bomberman’ tries his hand at battle royale in ‘Super Bomberman R Online’

'Bomberman' tries his hand at battle royale in 'Super Bomberman R Online'

Konami is turning their maze-like strategy title into a large-scale multiplayer free-for-all in Super Bomberman R Online, revealed for Google’s stream machine.

Japanese video game veteran Konami is planning to take their long-running Bomberman franchise in a new direction with Super Bomberman R Online, a multiplayer-focused expansion of the 2017 game of the same name minus the “online” part.

The competitive puzzler has so far only been announced as part of Google Stadia‘s fall lineup, though most people believe that it’s merely a timed exclusive and will eventually find its way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Absolute multiplayer mayhem

Super Bomberman R Online‘s main selling point is its all-new Battle 64 Mode, which functions very similarly to the battle royale games that are all the rage these days. As the name suggests, up to 64 gamers will duke it out online at the same time, with the goal being to remain the last one standing.

In hallmark battle royale fashion, players will be placed randomly across the map, and as they’re preoccupied with getting the better of their opponents’ certain parts of the battlefield will eventually begin to shut down, leading to a scramble to get to the next playing field.

The overall map will be comprised of multiple smaller areas that are bound to close as the timer winds down. Players will need to transition to the next area via gates before it’s too late.

The next Bomberman title will also include a nifty Crowd Play feature that gives gamers the opportunity to jump into matches with their favorite streamers through the simple click of a link.


One of the more fun-looking additions to the upcoming bombing romp is the character customization system, which allows players to fully customize their Bombers from their outfits and oversized heads, down to the bombs themselves that come with unique effects.

Several Konami stars will also be making an appearance as playable characters, including Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, as well as Richter and Alucard from the Castlevania franchise.

The humble beginnings of Bomberman

Konami’s bomb-filled riot is easily one of their oldest intellectual properties, with the original Bomberman having been initially developed and published by Hudson Soft in December 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The series really hit its stride in the 90s, eventually resulting in the Bomber appearing in over 70 different titles across nearly every console. The Bomberman craze doesn’t stop there. He’s also appeared in several manga and anime shows to boot.

Image courtesy of Konami

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