‘Borderlands 3’ coming to next-gen platforms, new DLC coming as well

Gearbox Software’s highly successful Borderlands 3 may seem like it’s ending with the release of its recent DLC pack. However, it looks like the developers have more plans for the game, and players should be excited.

The game was present during the PAX Online Panel, and there were a lot of details about it. Borderlands 3 just got its latest DLC release, but beyond that, the developers had more exciting news for fans of this hit shooter.

Next-gen platforms in plans

In a surprise announcement, the developers have revealed that the game is going to be available for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Even better news is that those who have the current-gen versions will be able to upgrade theirs for free.

The next-gen versions will have a few unique features. For starters, the developers are eyeing 40K 60FPS experience for the game. Beyond that, they are also adding in a split-screen mode that accommodates three to four players.

This major upgrade brings the shooter into the next generation smoothly. Moreover, making the upgrade free to those that have the current-gen platforms is excellent news. Other developers that have allowed this include CD Projekt Red who will give free upgrades for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3.

More along the way

The most recent DLC for Borderlands 3 brought back the fan-favorite Krieg. Many players thought that it would be the last DLC for the game, but there is more coming soon. There will be another DLC pack on the horizon, but the developers have yet to reveal more about it.

What we know for now is that each of the characters is going to get a fourth skill tree. We’ve seen snippets of FL4K’s fourth skill tree, but not many details have been given.

Fans are expecting the developers to add in a fifth character to the game. Borderlands 2 added two new characters post-launch. Aside from a new character, fans are expecting the developers to take us to more worlds in this universe-trotting adventure. We’d most likely see details on the next DLC pack soon.

Borderlands 3 is jumping into the next-gen hype with a bang, and players couldn’t be happier. It will be exciting to see how the game looks like on next-gen platforms. With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X drawing near, we might be able to see the game in action pretty son.

Image used courtesy of Borderlands/Twitter

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