‘Borderlands 3’ guardian takedown patch receives negative feedback

The latest Borderlands 3 guardian takedown patch is facing complaints just days after its release.

Gearbox delayed the patch in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, players who have received the update were not very happy with the new content.

The gaming community claims that the patch is not as useful as it should be. With that, Gearbox has announced to make adjustments to the guardian takedown patch.

Borderlands 3 guardian takedown patch details

Prior to the patch’s release, Gearbox officially announced the reason for its delay on Twitter. It appears that the video game company supported the fight against police brutality and racial injustice.

Meanwhile, Gearbox did not attach a specified date on the announcement. Moreover, the update was released last June 11. 

The patch is an important update. It consists of two components. The guardian takedown update gives the players to access raid-like activities and featuring difficult enemies.

Furthermore, players will have new loot features and tough endgame content. The patch also includes nerfs to enemy health in Mayhem. Additionally, the anointed buffs add special abilities to the gamers’ weapons.

Borderlands 3 guardian takedown patch is impossible to accomplish

When the patch finally came out, players were not too happy with the update since it did not make any performance upgrade. Instead, the patch is not just hard but is impossible to accomplish as well.

Even though the patch included reducing the enemy’s health in Mayhem 2.0, the creatures were absolute tanks. Borderlands 3 players were disappointed with the update because they may not have a way of completing the endgame.

In response to the level of difficulty in the game, Gearbox responded to a player’s query:

“Also worth noting, this content is meant to be harder than other content in the game. At this point, people should not be expecting to breeze though it like they can on Maliwan Takedown, especially on Mayhem 10. QA ran balance sweeps and while they found the content hard, they were still able to beat it.”

In addition, the patch is not designed for solo players since there are multiple crystals needing to be charged in other zones.

Gearbox announces to fix Borderlands 3 guardian takedown patch

The announcement came from the game’s official Twitter account. Because of the negative feedback from the gaming community, Gearbox is taking action to resolve the issue. The announcement suggests that Borderlands 3 will reduce the enemy’s health.

Once the new update arrives, players might have a chance at defeating the enemies. Additionally, players will finally have a chance at completing the endgame.

Image Courtesy Of theRadBrad/YouTube Screenshot

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