‘Borderlands 3’ patch delayed in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Gearbox would be delaying the release of Borderlands 3’s guardian takedown patch in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Initially, Gearbox planned to release the patch last Thursday, June 4. However, it seems that Borderlands 3 players will not be getting the update anytime soon. The video company intentionally pushed back the launch to an unspecified date.

Gearbox opted to delay the release because of the recent civil protests against police brutality. Moreover, the video game company announced that it supports the Black Lives Matter movement after the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

Gearbox announced the delay on Twitter

The announcement posted on the official Twitter account explained the delay of the release. Although it was brief, it supports the fight against racial injustice. The company is increasing its funding of an additional $1M for the cause. It is also expanding its mission to help end social inequality, particularly in black communities worldwide. 

Although the reason for the postponement is clear, Gearbox did not include the specific date for the release of the update.

What is the guardian takedown patch all about

The Borderlands 3 update consists of two important components. First, it is the launch of the new guardian takedown. In this update, the gamers are in for a new raid-like activity featuring difficult enemies.

Also, it has new loot features and tough endgame content. The guardian takedown also contains new platform trials that will excite Borderlands players. 

Aside from the guardian takedown, the update also features a balance patch that is going to reduce the enemy’s health in Mayhem 2.0. Moreover, the balance patch is also significant in balancing anointments and guns, and buffs for underused anointments.

When will Gearbox release the guardian takedown patch?

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, there is no further announcement yet as to the release of the update. Borderlands 3 players may have to wait until the protests will ease up. At the moment, the US is not the only country that is experiencing the protests because it has spread to other major countries as well. 

Furthermore, it is unlikely that Gearbox will be launching the patch update anytime soon considering civil unrest is still present. Borderlands 3 is not the first game in the industry to announce the delay. 

The event for Sony’s Playstation 5 Reveal was moved to a later date, as well as Fortnite Season 3. Besides, the ARK: Survival Evolved anniversary event has been rescheduled 11 June. 

Image Courtesy of Borderlands/Youtube Screenshot 




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