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‘Borderlands 3’s upcoming DLC to introduce a familiar, roguelike game mode


Borderlands 3 is about to get another expansion to its contents in the form of a DLC on Nov. 10. With it, the game will introduce a feature, among others, that will push players into a Battle Royale game mode.

Dubbed the Designer’s Cut DLC, part of the pack’s additional content will let gamers experience a new but familiar gameplay called the Arms Race. A game mode where players enter an island on a “clean slate”—without arsenals, passive abilities, and skills—while navigating its expanse against the clock. All the while also trying to survive against the hostilities lurking within the landmass.

Facilitating the new game mode are the returning characters from Borderlands 2, Axton and Salvador. Both associates play as host to a reality show, that is, depicted by the Arms Race.

Taking place in a previously uncharted part of Pandora, the new game mode is described as “fast paced, challenging, and consistently remixed by randomized elements.”

Fresh, familiar gameplay

As seen in many Battle Royale games, particularly PUBG and Fortnite, players will encounter peril in the area from two sources. One is the constantly shrinking storm that pushes the player to move to a particular destination. Another is hostile enemies who seem to litter the entire island.

Although empty-handed at the start, players will get to encounter various gears scattered across the map. The starting point of having nothing while pressed to survive makes for a compelling reason for players to explore the land and actively search for resources.

While each section of the map has its own surprises, the best equipment is typically found in the deeper areas. The final boss is a guaranteed source of one of the bests and deadliest arsenals.

Additional embellishments

Being able to play, in essence, a twist of the Battle Royale formula is indeed the cream of the top of the update. But it only makes for a fraction of what players could expect when it rolls out. Another significant component of the DLC are cosmetics that will literally add new looks to the game.

The update will particularly introduce the Multiverse Final Form cosmetic packs, which will give players a glimpse as to what the Vault Hunters would look like if they were not as such. It is an interesting concept that seemingly aims to peer at an alternative universe in the game.

Owners of Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition will receive the DLC for free once it rolls out on Nov. 10, 2020. Those who did not may choose to purchase the Designer’s Cut DLC separately from the base game. Alternatively, they can opt for the Next-Level Edition instead, which contains the base game and the aesthetics.

Image used courtesy of Borderlands/YouTube Screenshot

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