‘Borderlands Science’ might become a mobile game

Gearbox received an overwhelming response with Borderlands Science from its avid players since its release last week. The Borderlands 3 mini-game was such a success that its developers are considering making it a mobile app.

Last week, Gearbox introduced the science initiative integration to the Borderlands 3 gameplay. The creation of the DNA puzzle mini-game was in collaboration with McGill University, Massively Multiplayer Online Science, and The Microsetta Initiative.

Micky News previously reported that for every puzzle sequence, a player solves, a part of the corrupted data analysis from fecal samples gets fixed.

The Borderlands Science Initiative was a strategic way to reach out to the public and help out the science community. Based on the trailer featuring Dr. Mayim Bialik, by playing the game, all the scientists globally will have the needed data to study alien microbes that were collected from fecal samples.

Overwhelming support from the community

Indeed enough, players were willing to participate for the sake of scientific discovery. In fact, players were quite expressive on social media about how they played the mini-game just to help out.

Players all around the globe were driven to submit as many puzzle sequences as they can just to help out. The in-game rewards were just an added bonus for them.

With that, Gearbox was proud to announce through the Borderlands 3 Twitter account that the mini-game collaboration was a complete success. With over 21.5 million puzzles completed, the gaming community just became a big part of real-life medical research.

Permanent and a possible mobile app

Due to its success, Gearbox has made the Borderlands Science mini-game a permanent addition to the gameplay. The announcement was quite subtle, actually, as Gearbox just answered an avid fan on Twitter who was asking for the time duration of the mini-game within the Borderlands 3.

Aside from making it permanent, the video game company is also looking into the possibility of making Borderlands Science a mobile game.

Gearbox has heard the feedback of its Borderland community, and it will look for a way to make the mobile app happen.

The possible Borderlands Science mobile game is already looking at a great success, as not only is it an addicting puzzle game, but it’s also for a great cause.

Also, it already has a decent fanbase as the idea of carrying to the mobile platform came from the community itself.

Meanwhile, if players are still not sure how they’re actually helping out the science community by playing the DNA puzzle game, they can check out the Gearbox Borderlands Science here.


Image courtesy of GearboxOfficial /Twitter

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