‘Boruto’ Chapter 49: Someone may die saving Konoha Village

Boruto Chapter 49

There will be a lot of twists and turns when Boruto Chapter 49 finally comes next month.

Boruto and Naruto are going to have a hard time to face Isshiki after he reveals his true form and attacks the Konoha village. Will Naruto and Boruto defeat Isshiki in Boruto Chapter 49?

Isshiki becomes so powerful that even the ninjas find it hard to fight him. However, Sasuke and Kawaki will do everything in their power to save the villagers.

Boruto Chapter 49 spoilers

According to Block Toro, Isshiki only has three days before his body dies. So, he has to find someone from Konoha Village to take over its body.

Hence, fans now feel worried that Isshiki will cause major destruction in the village. He may destroy the small town, so Sasuke and Kawaki are doing everything to save and evacuate the people to safe places.

Also, everything is trying to leave the place.

However, there are rumors that one of the original manga series’ main characters will meet its demise in Boruto Chapter 49. Who is it?

Sasuke may sacrifice himself to save all the people from Isshiki. This event may incite Boruto and Kawaki to use their karma seal powers.

Otsutski can also use his space-time Jutsu and summon the “shrunk objects” scattered across the earth.

The invasion of Isshiki in Boruto Chapter 49

Twitter user OrganicDinosaur revealed Isshiki would be unstoppable. He is going to invade Konoha Village.

“Otsutsuki Isshiki – A shocking, sudden invasion…!!” the tweet read. “What will happen to Boruto’s resolution, and Kawaki’s fate…!?”

International Business Times added that Boruto was surprised to see Isshiki managed to absorb the flames. However, according to Kawaki, the villain was only trying to shrink it because it was only natural flames.

This technique is Isshiki’s secret Jutsu, called Sukunahikona, which gives him the ability to shrink everything, except living things.

However, Jigen starts burning again when his body is running out of chakra. As Naruto believes it is how Isshiki will possibly die, Sasuke explains that he still has two karmas left before he can reincarnate.

Isshiki still has Kawaki and Jigen, the two vessels implanted with karma.

The new chapter’s release date and other details

Boruto Chapter 49 is set to be out on Thursday, Aug. 20, per the Viz media website. The raw scans are set to be released two to three days before the new chapter drops. So, it may be in the days between Aug. 16 to Aug. 19.

Featured image used courtesy of Isshiki Otsutsuki/YouTube Screenshot

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