‘Boruto’ Chapter 53: Why fans worry for Boruto’s future?

Boruto Chapter 53

Fans can’t help but fear for Boruto’s future after a fan revealed something might happen to him in Boruto Chapter 53.

Twitter user Abdul Zoldyck shared what seemed to be the official synopsis of Boruto Chapter 53. Here, he teased Naruto would open his eyes after losing consciousness in the previous episode due to extreme pain.

Chapter 53 theories and spoilers

“If ‘Karma’ is engraved/marked on your body again, it will be the end…!!” the tweet read. “As the moment of the last move approaches, something happens to Boruto!?”

There are strong beliefs Naruto is about to meet his demise in Boruto Chapter 53. He may end up taking Isshiki with him while trying to save everyone.

However, there are theories Boruto will never let his father die, per Devdiscourse. He may unlock a new power, like Jougan, or let Momoshiki take over his body so that he can bring Isshiki down.

There are also assumptions that Sasuke will die instead of Naruto. Itachi’s brother may save Naruto from death and sacrifice himself to defeat Isshiki.

However, fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed yet.

What’s confirmed is that Masashi Kishimoto will be writing the manga’s script, starting in Boruto Chapter 53, taking the place of Ukyo Kodachi. The latter has announced his exit as the series’ scriptwriter.

Boruto Chapter 53

Chapter 52 recap

In the previous chapter, Naruto and Kurama had a serious talk about the shinobi’s new mode after the fusion. According to Video Tape News, with the new mode’s strength, it could be compared to nuclear fusion.

Kurama revealed the new mode held the power of two fusing energy matters that made a new energy source. So, he warned Naruto not to make any unnecessary moves during the fight to conserve the new mode’s energy as long as possible.

From here, Naruto and Isshiki began the next stage of their battle. Thanks to his new form, Naruto had managed to overwhelm the Otsutsuki clan member. He, too, could effortlessly block Isshiki’s attacks.

So, Isshiki tried to have the upper hand by using his cubes technique that buried Naruto under the giant blocks.

Of course, Naruto didn’t let himself be buried. He fought back and successfully emerged out of it. From here, Isshiki seemed to start fearing the increasing level of Naruto’s power.

Chapter 53 release date

Manga Plus and Viz Media have yet to announce the release of Boruto Chapter 53. However, as the manga’s new chapter usually drops every month, it is expected to be out on Sunday, Dec. 20.

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