‘Boruto’ Chapter 54 may reveal Borushiki’s meeting with the Five Kage

Boruto Chapter 54

Boruto Chapter 54 Chinese scans are now out, although it’s yet to be confirmed if these are the official spoilers. Borushiki is said to meet the Five Kage in a different dimension, resulting in a fight that will defeat the latter.

Several Boruto Chapter 54 spoilers are making their rounds on the internet. Hence, fans are advised to take these predictions with a grain of salt, as it may only be fan-made assumptions and leaks.

Chapter 54 unconfirmed leaks and spoilers

According to BlockToro, these leaks have only been compiled into one basic summary translated into English. So, readers should just take these things lightly.

Borushiki will be pleased to see “them” after they entered the dimension. The Five Kage starts a conversation after entering the place.

However, after just a while, they have been defeated by Borushiki. Momoshiki, on the other hand, says it is a pain to hold back against the “inferior weakling.”

Elsewhere, Isshiki and Momoshiki talk about something that seems to be quite incomprehensible for the readers now. The two seem to discuss their Clan in Boruto Chapter 54, saying the word “King” a lot.

Before Isshiki’s life runs out, he manages to put Karma on Kawaki. Kawaki and Borushiki now go on their separate ways.

Borushiki teleports to Konoha, while Boruto loses his consciousness mid-air. The chapter then ends with Sarada, who recently recovers from the Boro fight.

Chapter predictions and assumptions

Several predictions and assumptions are surrounding Boruto Chapter 54. It has been known that Momoshiki will take over Boruto’s body after Isshiki met his demise.

“I never thought that you’d actually defeat Isshiki, but good, now you are the only nuisance left,” he said, per Spoiler Guy.

Now that Naruto is powerless, Kawaki is their only hope against Borushiki. As Momoshiki warned to kill the nuisance, there will be a big fight between them in the new episode.

Lastly, there may be another battle between Boruto and Momoshiki. Boruto: Naruto The Movie introduced the fight between the heroes and Momoshiki, including Boruto.

Boruto may use his biggest Rasengan against Momoshiki, thanks to Naruto and others. He will even get the assistance of Sasuke.

Anyhow, as Momoshiki is now inside Boruto’s body, their fight will be internal this time. Sasuke may help Kawaki instead, while Boruto will be on his own to go against Momoshiki.

Boruto Chapter 54 is set to be out on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

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