‘Boruto’ Chapter 55: Either of these two major characters may die

Boruto Chapter 55

Things may get pretty intense in Boruto Chapter 55. Naruto is in terrible shape, making fans think rumors about his death will come true, but it may also apply to Boruto.

There are theories either Naruto or Boruto will meet his demiseBoruto Chapter 55. After Naruto almost sacrificed his life to stop Isshiki and Sasuke, and Kawaki overloaded Boruto with chakra to get out of the Otsutsuki, the results of these moves will be revealed.

Chapter 55 spoilers, predictions, and more

There are a lot of theories surrounding the upcoming chapter. According to BlockToro, one of those is the possible introduction of a time skip.

Some expect Naruto to die this time or maybe in a coma stage after he was left unconscious in the previous chapter.

Boruto also needs to handle his problems on his own this time without the help of his father. He is now the central part of the story; alluding Naruto has to retire.

So, Boruto may use the spacetime Jutsu in Boruto Chapter 55, making everyone return to the Konoha village.

However, as Naruto is too weak, he may turn into a comatose estate and needs a rest for a long time.

This will give Code the chance to attack the Konoha village, along with the Ten-Tails beast, and destroy everything.

If the time skip indeed happens, then everything will be back to the first chapter.

Chapter 54 recap

Boruto Chapter 54 started with Momoshiki facing Sasuke, Kawaki, and Naruto in a duel. The villain destroyed Sasuke’s spacetime ninjutsu and warned them there would be no escape for them now.

Naruto then realized Boruto’s new form was because Momoshiki already had complete control of the latter’s consciousness.

However, Sasuke noticed Boruto’s wounds were healing quickly, wondering if it had something to do with Momoshiki’s healing abilities.

On the other hand, Kawaki wanted the old Boruto back, per International Business Times. He then yelled at Momoshiki, trying to shake Boruto out of him.

From here, an epic battle between the two happened. Momoshiki stabbed Kawaki with a kunai.

He noticed Kawaki’s extraction had dramatically improved, so it might be the best time to make the ultimate sacrifice of growing the God Tree.

As the fight continued, Sasuke saw Momoshiki repeatedly tried to block the Jutsu. This gave him the idea that if Boruto could replenish his chakra, he could fight Momoshiki back.

Fortunately, Boruto had finally overpowered Momoshiki and returned to consciousness.

However, the battle is not yet over, and it may continue in Boruto Chapter 55, which will be out on Saturday, Feb. 20.

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