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‘Boruto’ Chapter 55 spoilers hint at Code’s new massive role


Boruto Chapter 55 spoilers are now out, along with manga cover and title leaks. As it gives a glimpse of what will happen next, it shows Code in his full stylish tuxedo glory.

Titled “What to Inherit,” Boruto Chapter 55 title seems to hint at something that Code may inherit. So, what will he become heir to?

Chapter 55 spoilers, predictions and more

In the new chapter’s cover, Code can be seen wearing a luxurious suit with an overcoat above it. His spiky orange hair is protruding out of it, while the background shows a combination of purple and magenta setting.

However, as texts in the image are still in Japanese, fans still have to wait for their translation into English.

According to BlockToro, as it remains to be seen what will officially happen in Boruto Chapter 55, the title and cover can say a lot of things.

Code may inherit the Kara organization from Jigen and take over his leadership. If this happens, he may become the next villain, as he will surely avenge his master’s death on the Boruto family.

The aftereffect of Naruto’s Baryon Mode

Naruto is yet to feel well and International Business Times noted he is feeling the aftereffect of the Baryon Mode.

After they have successfully removed Momoshiki from Boruto’s body, the next thing they have to do is to heal Naruto.

In Boruto Chapter 55 preview, Twitter user Abdul Zoldyck revealed things are not looking good for the shinobi of Konohagakure’s Uzumaki clan.

“The hero and the ninja face tough trials!” the preview reads. “In order to protect important things, the fierce battle of the protagonists heats up!”

This tells the event where Momoshiki goes inside Boruto’s body, takes over his psyche, and controls the young shinobi. At the time, Kawaki and Sasuke face the evil hands, and later, Naruto falls.

Since then, Naruto remains unconscious, and nobody knows what happens to him. Although they manage to kill Isshiki and defeat Momoshiki, the patriarch’s excessive use of his new mode takes its toll on him.

“What is the fate of him and the village…!?” the preview continues. “Does something happen to Naruto’s body…?”

What will happen next will be seen on the release of Boruto Chapter 55 on Friday, Feb. 19. Fans can read it on its official platforms, like Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus, at about 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

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