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‘Boruto’ Chapter 56: Code may wreak havoc on Konoha village


As the month of March begins, fans are now waiting for the release of Boruto Chapter 56. Code will be the series’ new big bad after the death of Isshiki, so how is he going to torment Boruto and the rest of the gang’s lives?

Isshiki has successfully transferred all of his karma powers into Code. This gives him incredible strength and ability that he can now match Boruto. With this, he may begin avenging the death of Kara’s leader in Boruto Chapter 56 forward.

Code, the new Otsutsuki villain

According to BlockToro, fans are about to see Code as the new Otsutsuki god after devouring the chakra from the divine fruits.

However, as everyone thinks Code will only begin his villainous role after the timeskip, it may soon happen than expected.

He may start wreaking havoc on the Konoha village, along with the Ten-Tail beast, in Boruto Chapter 56.

Code is set to follow Isshiki’s footsteps and made his attack, using whatever power he has inherited.

The village seems to be vulnerable with its weak defense. So, it is the best time for him to strike instead of waiting for another plot or timeskip.

In the new chapter, Boruto, Sarada, Kawaki, and Mitsuki may suffer another significant loss that may result in the much-awaited time jump.

Chapter 55 recap

Boruto Chapter 55 made a lot of hearts broken with the demise of the Nine-Tailed fox Kurama. Fans also witnessed the loss of the Rinnegan a few chapters ago, Omnitos noted.

As the last Kara member would carry Isshiki’s will, he would be one to continue tormenting  Boruto and his group.

With Isshiki’s defeat, the war arc finally ended, and they all returned to their homes. They left the battlefield with a huge loss, severe injuries, and minimal power.

After Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki’s sufferings, Code was set to continue Isshiki’s legacy to become an Otsutsuki god like him.

The loss of the battle power

As everyone believed the Naruto and Sasuke had lost much of their powers, the initial’s sage mode had almost defeated the pain. Sasuke’s Sharingan was also all fine.

With their extraordinary experiences and battle strengths,  these two would always remain powerful Shinobis in the Naruto universe.

Indeed, the Kurama and Rinnegan were taken away, but they still had the best of their abilities.

Sasuke could still perform his best Jutsus, while Naruto still possesses Frog Gamakichi’s forth generations and the sage mode.

Would these be seen in Boruto Chapter 56? Find out when the new installment drops on Thursday, Mar. 18.

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