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‘Boruto’ Chapter 56: This leak hints at an interesting turn of events


Boruto Chapter 56 magazine cover has leaked online, and it teases an interesting turn of events. There is a new villain in Code, while Boruto, Kawaki, Naruto, and Sasuke have returned to Konoha village.

As everything seems to be fine after Kurama’s heart-breaking death, it looks like it is just the calm before the storm. Will something tragic happens in Boruto Chapter 56?

The leaked manga cover

According to BlockToro, things could go very wrong soon after they have returned to the Konoha village.

The leaked cover shows Kawaki and Boruto together, and it looks like they are ready to go to a new adventure—or battle.

Boruto looks a little nervous in the image while behind Kawaki. The latter, on the other hand, appears to be confident, as always, and ready to face anyone.

However, fans should never confuse the V Jump magazine cover with the Boruto Chapter 56 manga cover. These two are different from each other.

The magazine cover features several manga series, like Dragon Ball Super.

The new villain in Code

Code has inherited the Otsutsuki Will, which means he is the new arc’s new villain. Code will be making his move to become an official Otsutsuki, Recent Highlights noted.

Code may start his revenge against Boruto and the gang in Boruto Chapter 56 for killing Isshiki.

He is the number one follower of the Otsutsuki, and he treats Isshiki as his mentor. So, before he officially passes away, Isshiki passes his will to Code.

To recall, there was a scene where Code recited the names of all of the people who caused Isshiki’s death.

This shows his intention for revenge, and he will do everything to feed Boruto or Kawaki to the Ten Tails.

If this happens, the Chakra fruit will bloom, and it will contain all the knowledge about the world.

If Code manages to eat it, he will officially become an Otsutsuki.

It has been known that Code is a failed vessel. Though he has a Karma like Boruto and Kawaki, it is non-functional.

However, with his DNA’s help, he can change these things and become the next god that he wants to be.

Isshiki even encourages Code to destroy the earth and ruin as many planets as he can.

Boruto Chapter 56 is set to be out on Thursday, March 18, per the official manga sources. On the other hand, it will drop on V Jump magazine the next day, Friday, March 19.

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