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‘Boruto’ Chapter 56: What will happen to Boruto, others after Kawaki’s death


There will be a significant change happening when Boruto Chapter 56 drops. Now that Kurama is gone and Naruto and Kawaki are still weak, what will happen to Boruto?

There will be new threats coming Boruto’s way in Boruto Chapter 56. As everything seems to be a blur, will the enemy win over the much-loved protagonists this time?

The change in Boruto

According to BlockToro, Naruto will be losing much power after Kurama met his demise. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone, especially for Boruto himself.

Naruto is now only left with Sage mode, and most of his chakra went with the Nine-Tails Kurama.

With Kurama’s death and Boruto, Kawaki, Naruto, and Sasuke’s return to the Leaf Village, everything is still very confusing.

Despite that, Naruto may still have some chakra to show in Boruto Chapter 56. There will be some trace amount of chakra from other Tailed Beasts, and he can make use of it.

It is also possible that Kurama may come back to life after the time skip. It has been known that Tailed Beasts regenerate after they died.

Also, Naruto still holds Kakashi’s chakra, taijutsu, and ninjutsu that he can use. This only means that he is not entirely powerless and still has the ability to fight.

Chapter 56 theories, spoilers, and more

Now that the war with Kara is finally over in Boruto Chapter 55, there will be a new enemy in Code.

They may have defeated Isshiki, but the Kara leader has managed to give all his powers to Code.

From Boruto Chapter 56 onward, fans are about to see him as the main antagonist. So, to match his new ability, Boruto and Kawaki have to undergo intense training.

So, what will happen from here?

After Kashin Koji’s disappearance, he may have a major role in the upcoming chapters. There are also questions if Sasuke’s Rinnegan will return after he lost it, Omnitos noted.

Following Isshiki’s defeat, can he still return to face Boruto? As a new threat now looms, it looks like there will be new revelations about Karma, Ten-Tails, Otsutsukis, and their vessels’ powers.

In addition, fans want to know if Amado knows anything about Code’s karma. They will also get more information about Boruto’s pure eye.

As Code is now the new villain, he may create his own people to help him attack Boruto and the gang or do it himself. So, what powers will he use?

These and more are about to be revealed when Boruto Chapter 56 drops on Thursday, Mar. 18.

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