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‘Boruto’ Chapter 57: Boruto to up his game with intense training


Boruto Chapter 57 will feature a significant change to the manga’s storyline. It will be removing the threat of the Otsutsukis but adding the danger Code will be bringing.

Code is now preparing to be the big villain of the series with his newfound strength after inheriting Isshiki’s will. Fans may see Code’s new power and strength in Boruto Chapter 57.

After introducing the cyborgs that are even stronger than Jigen, readers may also know more about Eida.

Boruto’s training

According to BlockToro, there is a high chance fans are about to see Boruto undergo intense training to face the new enemies and threats.

Boruto will be upping his game this time, to which Kawaki also agrees, knowing he has potential. However, Isshiki’s control, using him as a vessel stops him from doing this.

Now that Boruto has the chance, he and Kawaki will be in training in Boruto Chapter 57, using chakras and ninjutsu.

Naruto will also be involved in this exercise to prepare Boruto for any danger that will come his way.

There’s also a threat of Eida, a powerful cyborg that Code may use against Boruto and the gang.

He went to Boro’s hideout to get the powerful scrapped Cyborgs that Amado created, per Omnitos.

One of them is Eida, and his role in the series will be revealed from here forward.

Talking about Amado, his real motive is yet to be revealed. What he really wants remains to be a big mystery.

Though he’s known as a good scientist, is his intentions good too or bad?

Naruto and Sasuke’s powers

Naruto and Sasuke seem to lose a huge amount of their power. By the looks of it, it will be a permanent thing.

It looks like it’s not the case, though, as Naruto’s sage mode has almost defeated the pain. Sasuke’s Sharingan is all fine, too.

With their incredible experience and battle strength, they remain the powerful Shinobi in the Naruto universe.

Sasuke can still make his best Jutsu moves. Naruto, on the other hand, still holds the Frog Gamakichi’s fourth generation and the powerful sage mode.

Anyhow, as the show is about Boruto and not these two, he may become stronger than them in Boruto Chapter 57.

Fans may see more of these when Boruto Chapter 57 finally drops on Tuesday, April 20. It will still be a month’s wait, but it will be all worth it.

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