‘Boruto’ Chapter 57: When will the official spoilers drop?

Boruto Chapter 57

Several theories are now surrounding Boruto Chapter 57 as fans wait for the spoilers to come out. From the new villain in Code to a possible great ninja war, when will the leak finally come?

Fans can’t help but cast their own theories on what may happen in Boruto Chapter 57. Will it continuously center on Code or feature a different storyline that will be all about Boruto?

Spoilers’ possible release

According to BlockToro, the new chapter’s spoilers may drop anytime from Wednesday, April 14, to Sunday, April 18.

Since the manga only comes every month, several leaks are coming out on different dates.

The spoilers usually come out when manga leaks are already verified by the trusted sources and the new chapter’s release is getting near.

It drops typically four to five days before the official release date comes, followed by previews, magazine cover, panel leaks, title, summary, and raw scans.

There will be a series of new spoilers hitting the web one moment, revealing further information about the series. And the next, there will be another one, telling a different story.

It is why fans are best advised to wait for Boruto Chapter 57’s official release instead and read it from the official sources.

The Great Ninja War

There are theories there will be a great ninja war that will start in Boruto Chapter 57.

People in Konoha and other villages will start to doubt Boruto due to his connection with Otsutsuki.

Other villages will, allegedly, send a Shinobi to spy on Boruto. They now deem him as a dangerous man, adding another negative connotation to Konoha.

Most villages don’t like Konoha, knowing it houses many powerful ninjas, especially after the Isshiki battle.

The new chapter may begin with the meeting of the villages as they talk about Boruto.

Naruto and Sasuke are now too weak after losing Kurama and Rinnegan. Hence, it will be far more accessible for the enemies to capture Boruto and Kawaki.

This may ignite a great war between Konoha and other villages, possibly leading to a great ninja war.

Release date and other details

The manga series’ storyline has taken a new turn after Isshiki’s defeat.

The new generation of heroes and villains will take the lead, per Devdiscourse, and Code will be the main big bad.

Code has unlocked new karma powers, and his connection to the Otsutsuki God will be soon revealed.

Naruto and Sasuke are both weak, so it is now up to Boruto and Kawaki to up their games.

Boruto Chapter 57 is set to be out on Tuesday, April 20.

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