‘Boruto’ Chapter 58: Who will win between Kawaki, Boruto?

Boruto Chapter 58

Boruto Chapter 58 is about to come out in a day, so its spoilers are now circulating online. After teasing Kawaki and Boruto’s fight, who will win between these two?

There are several versions of leaks and spoilers found online, from cryptic to detailed. As these turn of events remain unconfirmed, fans are strongly advised to wait for the official release date of Boruto Chapter 58 instead.

Manga text description and cover

According to BlockToro, the new chapter will mainly focus on Boruto and Kawaki, so Eida and Code will be out of the picture.

The two protagonists will train each other in Konoha to hone their Karma seals.

In the spoilers Organic Dinosaur posted on Twitter, it revealed the new installment’s title would be “People who Rely on OCR + Machine Translations for Clout.”

The cover will be a double spread, featuring Code, Ada, Amado, along with the new Team 7. It will also feature Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke with the new Ino, Shika, Chou, and Sumire.

Boruto Chapter 58 will be composed of five percent multi Chara color cover and 14% father and son drug chat.

It will also show 40% of Kawaki versus Mitsuki and Sarada’s fight and 41% of Kawaki and Boruto’s battle.

Fans will also see Konohamaru and Naruto as spectators in the Boruto and Kawaki’s training.

Boruto and Kawaki’s training

The fight between Boruto and Kawaki will begin when the latter continuously go sassy toward Boruto.

Having enough of his attitude, Boruto dares him to settle their differences once and for all in a one-on-one fight.

OtakuKart News noted the loser had to surrender and go under training, following the winner’s methods in Boruto Chapter 58.

The two then begin a fight. Kawaki hits Boruto with some blasting jutsu, which the initial only absorbs.

In return, Boruto attacks him with another jutsu that badly affects him. Boruto wins, making Kawaki realizes that he mainly relies on his Karma.

Boruto then tells Kawaki not to feel guilty that Code is now targeting Konoha. He needs to be with his friends a little so that he can stop thinking that he is at fault.

Kawaki eventually calms down, while Naruto advises them to work harder to become stronger.

Now that Kawaki is more determined to get stronger, Boruto announces they are going to resume training.

All these and more can be seen when Boruto Chapter 58 drops on Thursday, May 20.

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